Is there a Polyend Play integration mode with Polyend Tracker available?

The answer is: yes. Go to Main menu > MIDI > Track and select Set Values for Polyend Tracker to enable integration mode for the Polyend Tracker. This is a per MIDI track function. This function is available for Polyend Tracker’s firmware 1.6 and higher.

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Hi thank you for this info, just wondering how midi channels would work? Is channel 1 for just the instrument I have selected or can it go beyond with multi channels? I am trying to get this set up and would need to know a bit more info. Thanks!

are you trying to control Tracker with Play, or Play with Tracker?

Thank you I am trying to understand the integration from polyend play to control polyend tracker. So play midi out, tracker midi in. Now to think about it actually I would like to know if controlling play from tracker is recommended as a possibility. I have been doing the polyend play tutorials and want to explore what it can do with both and I will deep dive once I fully understand. Thanks!

I will make it more precise what I am originally asking. So I can have midi channel 1 sending from polyend play into tracker, and it will trigger what instrument I currently have selected. It seems from there I can change the filter cutoff and other settings from the instrument screen only.

Is there a way to utilize the other midi channels from polyend play to trigger other instruments on tracker, or am I bound to using just 1 channel by the instrument I currently have selected? Or is there a way to send multiple midi notes/cc to trigger different instruments at the same time?

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Hey :wave:

Currently only one instrument on the Tracker can be played via MIDI with 8 voice polyphony (using all 8 tracks of the tracker) in MIDI Synth Mode.

And you should be able to changes parameters for it via MIDI CC, including the Filter Cutoff (see: Tracker Manual - Polyend for supported CC messages in MIDI Synth Mode).

There is an open wish to be able to change the instrument via MIDI:

Multi-timbrality however, will not be something that we will see:

I hope that answers your questions :blush: .


Literally exactly what I needed. I appreciate your detail! I am actually having a lot of fun just running these in synch!

I don’t need multitimbrality, just wanted to make sure I was correct about this. Now the other issue, when I send CC to tracker, it seems to only update the settings when I am in the instrument view, is that the only view I can modify these settings?


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i’d have to get back to you about that. Since i personally have not used the MIDI Synth Mode myself :laughing:

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I am actually having a total blast using them synched, I think I have it nailed down now. I appreciate this so much! These boxes definitely have different results when using both together this is certain!

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