Is it possible to modify extra parameters from master effects Reverb and Delay from the sequencer?

Hi there, I joined the selected polyendTracker family about a year ago ^^

Im spending more time lately using it, as Ive got a project that not only involves sound but also visuals, and that I would like to use the polyenTracker for, and while making some patterns yesterday I tried to do something without luck, being modifying differentt settings from the delay and reverb along the sequence, as the only parameters accesible from the sequencer are the send ammount.
I tried looking for that info without luck, here in the forums and also in the manual, so here is my first post :slight_smile:

I wonder if that is possible right now, and in case it isnt, if there may be choices to add that on the future, as this gives an amazing ammount of control over those two effects.

In case it isnt possible, in the same way we have “audio” and “midi” instruments, maybe would be super cool having also “effects” instruments, allowing sequencing parameters from the different master effects along time.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @inakiesarte, welcome to Backstage! :wave: :partying_face:

This wish has actually come up as a request on the Tracker (or on the Play) before, in one way or another. I’m mentioning both since the hardware for the OG Play and Tracker are pretty much the same:

Both of these have been declined based on hardware limitations and/or undesirable side-effects.

I don’t know if this is still true for the Tracker Mini and/or Play+ . So if you want, you could always create a Draft wishes specific for the newer hardware.