Delay time as Step Effect on Tracker

We have delay send amount as a step effect on tracker but it would be awesome if we could control the actual delay time as a step effect as well.

What is the problem?

Can’t control delay time from pattern page as a step effect.

What do you want to achieve?

Control delay time using step effect in a pattern. Momentarily switching the delay time produces some really cool, wild sounds.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

You can do this on the Octatrack and the OP-Z. DAWs like Ableton Live also offer this possibility.


It isn’t possible on the Play either as delay time is a master effect. Just edited slightly and cleaned up the formatting!

Since delay time is a master effect, would making it editable per step be confusing? Because all Tracker’s step effects are per track.

It wouldn’t be confusing to me. I’m not talking about implementing it on Play, I was talking about Tracker. Yes it’s a master effect but we already have send, and there have been many many scenarios where I wanted to be able to control delay time as a step effect. If it’s possible, why not give it a try? I feel like more people would use it than you think.

I should have been more clear in my initial response. I know this isn’t referring to Play, just clarifying it couldn’t do that because it was listed under other projects.

As for confusion, I see it as more of at issue with tracks and the tracker ui, and editing global values per step. Delay sends still only send per track. What happens when two tracks trigger a change in delay time with a different value at the same time? Or a few steps apart?

The Tracker must already have a way to determine precedence between simultaneous-but-conflicting values for the existing global step effects, like T (tempo) and I (swing). Wouldn’t a new global effect like delay time follow the same rules?

I’m just not sure why it can’t be put into a beta and we can then see how it goes. If it doesnt work, so be it, but we can always say we tried. However, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m no programmer so I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement. Hypothetically, if it WAS easy to implement, let’s do it! It’s something I’ve run into a number of times on the Tracker, where I wish it could be done and it would have definitely added something needed to my particular project. Imagine how cool it could be…
momentarily switching the delay time- I do this all the time in Ableton Live and it produces some really cool, wild sounds. I’ll post a video or something.

@gradynickel We did some preliminary tests and unfortunately this bring other issues to Tracker which are not solvable and therefore we have to decline your wish. Thanks for your contribution!


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