Instrument Synthesizer?

does anyone use it? what is your opinion? is it multitimbral?

got any vids? ive searched youtube and found nothing

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i have toyed around with it before and it can be pretty fun. Here’s some infos:

It’s especially fun if you use a granular instrument.


hmm thats sort of disappointing: it should be multitimbral. i mean why include it at all if you get only one instrument? what is the use of that? they must be worried you would overload it with midi. but really, the implied limitation is that if you record the midi output from tracker, theres no way to control it with the midi going back in from your external sequencer. how inconvenient. and you cant switch the instrument with a command. they seem to want to force you to use tracker only in the way it historically was made to operate. this is 2024 though! theres no reason for certain limits, its the whole interface concept thats the limiting factor but we have more than enough resources these days for a lot of limits to go away. multitimbrality should not be limited on a device like this. theres no good reason for it imho. its like polyend seq and a single cc per track only. what a useless limitation when the rest is absolutely gorgeous! i sold my seq and i would have kept it were there just one more cc lane per track lol.

so yeah, i like the tracker a lot but the limitation paradigm of polyend is frustrating. i mean, what is the function of some unnecessary limits?

this is just a critique and not a dismissal. i wouldnt have repaired my data wheel if i meant to dismiss polyend. please take it constructively. or just laugh at my opinion i guess. the workflow of a tracker can be special and certain limits are good limits for sure.

I use this a ton as its generally faster for me to quickly play something via my midi keyboard than program it into the tracker. I have 20-30 instruments that I have saved into an “instruments” project and just use the Instrument Synth in there most of the time. It’s a quick way to access a ton of sounds for my demo purposes.


how about a paid upgrade to multitambrality? theres gotta be enough cpu for it?

I already read that dividing by “zones” isnt possible, but is it possible using different MIDI channels per instrument, or even per track? I guess that could be a workaround… I need testing how it works as this is an intereesting feature, giving access to parameters that seems impossible to sequence internally otherwise.

isnt the new tracker+ allowing all tracks to be accessed with midi input at once? or is it still just the active instrument?

My guess is that the real answer to all of your great ideas not being already implemented is the limitations of development resources. I suggest you create some wishes for the things really want.

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There’s actually already one wish that is related to synth mode:

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thanks done that. i was asking because i dont have the + yet. do you?