Inability to adress lowest octave in MIDI view

Bug Description

In the MIDI view when changing the note, we are not able to enter the lowest octave.
The C0 which is the lowest note able to enter sends midi event with note number 12, when trying to enter lower note only NO NOTE is shown. However when using RANDOMIZE (2) Octave the unit can change the notes to lowest octave, and when selecting that note display correctly shows for example E-1 and that step is sending proper midi events. Selecting the step and changing the note up it immediatly results in C0 changing it to note down it results in NO NOTE

Reproduction Steps

  1. switch to midi view
  2. fill the full 16 steps for a track
  3. select the track and change the note to C0
  4. use some MIDI monitoring SW (i used sensomusic brainmodular) and check midi events, note 12 on/off are sent by Play
  5. try to enter even lower note - no note shows on display
  6. keep the whole track selected and use RANDOMIZE 1 Octave, or 2 Octaves
  7. apply randomization
  8. in this track select steps one by one, and check the note of the step. You’ll highly likely will find at least one step where note is lower than C0


bug is reproducible always

Found in

  • Version: (1.4.1) but was already present in (1.2.0)
  • Build: (1099)
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I found this bug accidently. Play was my master sequencing Digitone, where i created multimap layer starting on the lowest octave and no sound was produced by Digitone. On digitone C0 is midi note 0, i am fine with the inconsistency, in naming of the notes, which is even widely spread among DAWs (where in some you can at least set some option which note name refers to midi note 0). So everything worked when i shifted the mapping one octave up. What bothers me more, is the inability to set the C-1 note directly on play, and the randomization is able to set the lowest octave notes.

Hi @lubopanak Thank you for reporting this bug. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready.

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