Importing and playing loops

Hello, I haven’t found this topic in the manual…is it possible to import/play loops (for example 4 or 8bar) or does the Play/Play+ only handles one shot samples?

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No, the Play or Play+ do not support looping of samples. If you want a sample to be a certain length, you would have to have it prepared that way already.

There was a wish for Sample Looping a while ago as far as i know, which was declined, stating that it doesn’t fit the current design direction of the Play. See:

Hey @Sandroid :love_you_gesture:t3:Thanks for the quick response. Maybe I described it wrong or I don’t understand it. I have proper 4 bar loops (127 bpm) and want to use them with device. Is this possible?

Oh, so your audiofile has a length of 4 bars? If so, playing that back shouldn’t be a problem as long as the track/lane is long enough. You can also always just slow down the tempo of one track/lane individually to accomodate a longer sample.

But if you got a short sample that you want to repeat/loop automatically, you can’t do that.

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Great to hear. :+1:t3:So when slowing down the track speed by 1/2 would also allow to play 8bar loops, right?!

Considering that a Track/Lane can be 64 steps (4 bars). if you slow it down 1/2, yes it can be 8 bars long.

And since you could slow it down even further… you could go even longer. The only limitation probably being the amount of memory you’ll have available for loading samples :laughing:

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:slight_smile: double the speed of the sample and play it with 50% speed then to save some memory

one idea to your loops:
you can load your loop on a track on step 1 , then you can look on sample start or end how much ms the sample had
.lets say just for better explaining its a 16 step loop with 1600 ms length .so 1600/16=100 ms per step . now you can enter on step 1 sstart 0 ms ,s.end 100 ms -step 2 start 100 ms s.end 200ms etc . till step 16 .
when u do it like this u can change the general tempo without become unsync and you can also when u select the track with that loop select an other loop to exchange the sample . and you can rearrange your loop by rearrange the steps .


heres an example project for using loops on play …