Getting a ton of clicks with long user samples

I created a bunch of longer pad type sounds to load into Play, and I get a ton of clicks if a new note is triggered on the same track before the previous note ends.

This shouldn’t happen. This is fairly basic stuff for a sampler. It should fade out quickly but also smoothly if a note is choked on the same track.

Very disappointing. Is this going to be fixed any time soon?

Just tried out some of the factory samples, happens there too.

Firmware 1.4.1. Don’t know if this problem was introduced in an update, or if its been there all along (been using as a MIDI controller up until now). Either way, unacceptable.

This is pretty much rule #1 for a sampler: No clicks! :grimacing:

Can you share which ones, from which sample pack, please? This way others can test as well.

It’s pretty much any long file.

Last factory one I loaded was the Ambient Pop demo, and the chords in that file were getting clicks.

I also loaded my files (the ones noted in the first post) into the Dirtywave M8 and it didn’t give me any problems, smooth as can be, just like I prepared them with fade ins and outs. So it’s definitely not my files.