Clicks with long samples on Play 1.4.1

Bug Description

When using long samples on the same track, if a note is triggered before the previous sample ends, there are clicking noises that occur with both user and factory samples.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Choose a long sample
  2. Place it on a track
  3. Trigger another step at a place before the previous sample ends


Happens always.

Found in

  • Version: Play 1.4.1


No further info needed, happens with pretty much any long sample I tried.
Originally posted in the Play forum:

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Hi @a444hz Thank you for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues while using Play. Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the issue ourselves and need your help.
Could you specify any factory sample you are sure it always happens?
Also, attaching the project where it occurs would help us a lot.

As noted in the linked thread, the Chord sounds in the Ambient Pop demo. I’m having a hard time believing you can’t reproduce this. Use the full sample, trigger steps that are close together to ensure the sample starts before the previous one ends, and you will hear clicks.

Hi @a444hz , I’m sorry but we cannot reproduce clicks according to your instructions. Please attach the following to help us investigate this problem:

  • project folder
  • and/or samples which are causing the issues
  • “globalSettings” file located in your Projects folder

You can zip everything here and send as attachment and we’ll have a look what could be wrong immediately. Additionally an audio recording of the clicks would be helpful to understand what kind of clicks you’re experiencing.

Thank you so much for your time to report this and patience while waiting for us to resolve it!

Sorry, the Play has already been removed from my setup, and I don’t much feel like being a bug tester. Generally when I pay hundreds of dollars for something I want them to work right, not so that I can check them for problems.

Interesting approach.
You do the same with computers? Or your phone?
Or any other software based instrument?
If the OS has a bug you dump it and don’t wait for a firmware update?

You even got offered help (the same day!) to figure out what was wrong.
The staff was willing to help and asked if you could send over the project file
which caused that problem.
Instead of doing that you return with a kind of snooty reaction.

You had a very specific problem, that obviously was not reproducable.
And as no other user has posted in here, it seems very likely the problem
was within your file.

Whatever, we will never find out…

I’ve also gone over your details in the linked thread and I am unable to reproduce the problem you are having.

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Yeah, except as I CLEARLY noted it was a default file with default samples, and considering I got my MINI today and it runs into the same type of problems with similar bug reports on this forum for the Tracker I think it’s abundantly clear Polyend struggles with samples.

I paid hundreds of dollars for their hardware. This type thing doesn’t happen on other hardware, as I also noted regarding the M8 from Dirtywave.

So maybe get your act together and you won’t get negative feedback from customers you offer poor products to.

Again, I pay for products with the hopes that they work, not to be a tester for them. That’s just the reality. Absurd that a company refuses to accept responsibility and just pretend that the problem doesn’t exist. The bug is easily repeatable, and happens across ALL their hardware, so please spare me the foolish lecture.

And no, it took close to 2 weeks to get a response to my reply. Try reading the thread properly before making unfounded accusations.

Quality customer service Polyend! How pathetic.

Read it again yourself…

Borsuk asked you to send the file, you didn’t (not in two weeks it seems).

Then Miropoly asked kindly to do so once more after a while.

They needed the file you were working with. Even if it was a default file,
it might have been corrupted, who knows.

Read what they wrote back to you!

Nobody said the problem does not exist. They asked you for some help
to figure out the issue. That’s what a customer service is doing.

They told you the SAME day they cannot reproduce it, not two weeks later.
Check the post under your original post.

The post two weeks later was a friendly reminder for you - nothing more,
nothing less…

I guess the people who work on the software know why they are asking you
to send them over the files. It’s far from being useless, it’s part of the process.

Hi @a444hz , we sorry to hear that you’re so disappointed with our product. If you ever run into this issue again, please let us know about it and we’ll try to help. In the meantime I will close this bug as not reproducible. Thanks again for reporting it and sorry we couldn’t help you this time.