External controller for Play

Please tell me if I use an external controller for Play and play, for example, a melody. Will the notes match the scale set in Play?
I want to use a controller with sensitive pads, where there is aftertouch and pressing force…
Or do I need to set scale on an external controller?

If I didn’t express myself clearly, let me know

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Hi, if I understand your question correctly, this is not possible currently and there is a request in the Wishlist that welcomes votes: Audio steps playable via MIDI.

Thank you, I meant something else, is it possible to apply the internal scale to an external controller?
So that the notes that I play from the midi keyboard are immediately translated into the internal scale

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Ok, sorry, I think I understand now. The restriction of notes to a certain scale can only be enforced inside the Play. The Play has no way to send instructions about scale restrictions to the controller because MIDI isn’t designed for this type of task. You would need to set the same scale restrictions on the controller.

Chances are that controller with these features come with the possibility to define scales as well.

Thank you, now I understand.

The Play has no way to send instructions about scale restrictions to the controller

Sure, it’s one-way communication. But I think it wouldn’t be too far out having the Play filter incoming notes and “quantize” (lacking the correct term) them to fit the selected scale. It could even be a project setting to toggle this filtering.

@dinoel.volro, I’d say this is a good candidate for a new Wish.


Ah, that’s a good point. Yes, right now the Play will play any incoming MIDI notes regardless of the setting “Scale Filter On”. Having a setting to enforce the same scale filter to incoming MIDI notes should be technically possible indeed. It is a good candidate for a wish indeed.



… this doesn’t mean that you can use that velocity and aftertouch to get different sounds from the Play, right? Using an external pad controller can be useful to have bigger pads, play different instruments with only one controller… but the Play will process only the notes to play the samples. No matter how hard you hit a pad in the controller (soft, hard, pressing harder to trigger aftertouch…) on the Play the samples will sound the same.

With the MIDI sequencer it is different. After a quick test, the velocity data from the controller is forwarded by the Play but not the pressure/aftertouch. Then again, plugging a controller to the Play and have the Play forwarding that MIDI data is odd (unless you have a very specific use case). You could plug the controller to the MIDI destination directly and problem solved.

And what about midi support but not only for notes, what I mean is:

If you can use an external midi controller to control parameters inside the Play, I don’t know if this is in another tread. For instance the Elektron Octhatrack has midi cc of all its parameters so you’re able to connect a midi controller and control volumes, or mutes and all that.

Is this possible?

So maybe we can formalize this as a wish?

There are many requests related to controlling Play features over MIDI that maybe cover the uses you have in mind:

In practice that would be MIDI Thru, isn’t it. See

@dinoel.volro can you explain more about your setup and what you want to do? Maybe there are other ways.

As I already wrote, I would like to input notes from an external controller, and Play would translate them into the scale that is configured on it.

Ok, then it is a straightforward feature request, yes.

Can you add this to the request?

It’s your request. :slight_smile: You can go to Draft wishes and start a new draft. I can help there is needed. See Writing a good feature request.

I would also be very interested in this. Has a wish been drafted for this feature?