Extended MIDI Control Change implementation

Hi all!

I never used my Tracker with an external MIDI controller until today, and I noticed it unexpectedly responding to MIDI CC1 messages, which modified the filter cutoff for the selected instrument. Judging by the manual and a number of videos, it looks that only CC41 - 48 (performance mode tracks), CC51 - 62 (performance mode effect values) and CC71 - 82 (mixer levels) are officially supported. But fiddling around I quickly found that a huge number of instrument parameters for things like the envelopes, the LFOs, the effects, and (huge for me!) granular/wavetable position, can all be controlled with MIDI CC. Strangely enough, I found next to nothing online about this, except for this bug report on GitHub.

Is this extended MIDI CC implementation common knowledge that I’m just missing? Of course I have a list of all CC messages that I found the Tracker responding to, I’m curious to see if there are any more.

Check the direct link to the MIDI CC Input Chart for the Tracker (and MIDI Synth Mode):

And have fun exploring! :heart:

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Thanks! :+1: I never even saw this.

What I did notice is that CC16 for wavetable / granular position and CC17 for wavetable window / granular length, are missing from this list. Those especially are important to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably because those are currently also not really modifiable from step fx as well.
There is a wish for that by the way:

Maybe adding a wish for CC control of those values would be a good idea as well. :blush:

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