Live control of granular position from external CC in Tracker (like Quantum or GR1) - workaround

I noticed today that my Tracker was responding to CC input from Quantum keyboard (the modwheel was adjusting the filter) - didn’t know it could do that (this is not in “synthesizer mode”, just in "regular)

One gap in the Tracker seemed to be a “live” control of granular position (which you can do in Quantum/Iridium, or the GR1). The Tracker does allow modulation, but just via LFO or envelope.


In Instrument Automation - set granular position to “envelope”; then set attack, decay and relase to zero. Set sustain to 100%. Feed in midi CC 113 from controller and you can use controller to sweep “live” through the length of the sample (if you reduce the sustain level, it only sweeps through part of it).

Apologies if this is reinventing the wheel - couldn’t see this “solution” elsewhere (others may have hit upon it too!)

[Sorry - had a check, and it looks like it has been mentioned before (by Wolfshoek), in a general comment about midi implementation Extended MIDI Control Change implementation


how is it working? how are midi channels handled?

I’ve not had a chance to work out exactly why/how this works - at the moment it seems to only work with the USB midi (I have the Tracker attached to a Waldorf Quantum’s USB Host port) - the Tracker is set to receive CC on USB and DIN, on all channels - from a quick check, the output channel on the Quantum doesn’t matter. On the other hand I can’t get it to work with the DIN input - the DIN will receive
notes etc, but not the “live” CC control of granular or filter amount - will have a closer look later.

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