Do You Want a Tracker+?

Yes, please do a Tracker+ and an upgrade path for OG Tracker owners as well. :slight_smile:

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Sorry but an upgrade path on the Tracker wouldn’t be feasible for multiple reasons.


Thanks for the feedback you all! This is a lot of great feedback that I haven’t had a chance to completely read yet, but I think…everyone wants something slightly different out of a Tracker+! :grin:


100 percent yes on a tracker + !

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One addition:

Send and Receive Program Change on both
Play + and Tracker + platforms. I absolutely should have done my research on this before buying, so it’s my fault, but I did not realize that Tracker could not send program change to Play or Vice Versa. I think that for these two instruments to fully compliment each other, that’s a necessity!


Would love to see a Tracker+ with the synth engines, it would just complete the Tracker as an all in one groove box album maker, some folk may not be bothered about synth engines, but they sound great on the Play+ and would be an extra layer of sound design on the device, especially for long sustained sounds like pads.

As someone else noted it would be helpful to see realtime timestretch option to toggle whether a sample is automatically stretched to the project tempo when imported.

Some additional saturation/distortion algorithms would be cool.

As for the Play+/Tracker+ comparison, they are way different and have different markets, the Play+ is more of a loop creator, live instrument to be played in the moment, the Tracker+ just like the OG would be a device targeted to write full albums on.

you mean the radio, that still doesn’t work in the old tracker and
crashes the unit?

great idea. :grimacing:

Is there any chance of upgrading? I am only interested in keeping my OG tracker. I wish the world had less junk. So instead of getting rid of it, improve it.

I wish you released smaller features more often than huge ones.

I wish:

  • groove import, an API for midi import (only the deluge can do this with 3rd party thing)
  • live performance view (link)
  • Sustainability, actually I pay for firmware updates, instead of buying another gear.
  • fix sample editor/sample playback head issue
  • more usage on pads, like if I hit play to see/mute/unmute/change a note on a row. At least see would be awesome
  • to play files from the disk, without loading to memory. I know then we can’t use effects.
  • nice to have use effects online
  • biggest thing, audio over USB, like play+. It would be AMAZING!
  • sync midi back from DAW, so I can create a script to use the pads as a midi clip launcher

Anyway, if it’s not possible to improve(upgrade) it, please open the firmware, or somehow contribute to it like deluge.

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Good point about the overall philosophies and use cases of the Play and Tracker. But I do think that the Tracker is very playable in the same way that the Play is with the Tracker’s Performance mode. If the Tracker were capable somehow of (and I freely admit that I know next to nothing about the level of difficulty inherent in implementing program changes or the like) of making the Play switch patterns with it, I think they would be an amazing song writing and performance team.

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Wow. In my multiple years of using the radio in the Tracker, this has never happened to me!

Yes, because you probably have an older version.

In the later units the use of the radio makes the unit freeze. :cold_face:

I’d vote for putting in a CD-Player next! :sunglasses:

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I’d like an upgrade to my Polyend SEQ please!!!


Sampling from the radio is my favorite Tracker feature, and I haven’t had any issues with functionality or crashes … ?

Not without seeing the bugs on the OG tracker fixed, and removed features restored, first.


In the gazillion times that i used it, the radio froze the tracker for me exactly 1 time. I personally can live with that :slight_smile:

I’d be fine if the radio was ditched. Made several albums with the OGPT already and never used that feature once.

I would welcome a new tracker if it would build on the original and add extra tools to help us do more in the box. I’ve found the synth parameters a bit lacking, big omissions on the fx options such as envelope controls, need some track eq controls on the mixer rather than a master buss eq and please find a more stable encoder for the jog wheel, I’m having to replace mine again!! Also having to use both fx lanes for chord and arp feels limiting. Not sure how to get round some of this stuff without complicating the interface - it’s strength is definitely how stripped back it is, I just feel like I always have to get stems out and mix in a daw to get my tracks sounding ready, would really like to be able to get everything done in the box more. I’ve found the performance page is just not quite there needs more tools available and the mix fx available are not very good at all, the sample fx I never use apart from normalise and crop!

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Oh Yiss I loved to Polyend Tracker + upgrade!
I wish this is really happening🤞

My feature ideas:

Chip upgrade
USB audio recording like Play +
Stereo samples :pray:
Oled display
Synth engines
Super Mario All Stars :sweat_smile: ( just kidding )
More I/O
Bluetooth for wireless speaker

You Guys are amazing!
Big hugs to You! :love_you_gesture:


Interesting reading all the comments…I’m a rare one in that I don’t think it’s a path worth treading (at this moment) for Polyend in terms of what the company’s platform/ecosystem is building towards. An all-in-one isn’t what I have found appealing and creatively inspiring in your products…it’s been the speed of getting to creative flow and the immediacy/tactility of your design. If synth engines or stereo samples were the only real upgrades then it’s a tough sell at the high price-point it would command. Shifting to a more performance-based hub with tracker capabilities and more button/knobs-per-function rather than menu dives would be an instant win…adding supportive connectivity between your devices would be the cherry on top. Then we could choose and connect whichever Polyend products were needed for any particular application, maybe even using the interface from one to control the other, but then ever to the core functionality of each standalone unit as and when we want it?


All the Tracker+ needs for me is more CPU power and stereo sampling. Other things are not critical and necessary