Live-Perform Multi-Instrument Mode

A new page/config for a more direct Instrument mode on the Tracker by assigning zones of the pads to instruments. Use the grid/pads for multiple instruments at once. For example:

  • First line for drums for finger drumming,
  • The second for a piano role, for lead notes
  • Third one for samples (like some short talk, or vocal chops)

What is the problem?

You can currently only perform with one instrument live. You would have to ackwardly change/shift the instrument to use another one.

What do you want to achieve?

Have a page/config, to set up multiple instruments for performing.

  • ability to set up instruments per grid/pad lines
  • to set up 8 instruments, as many voices as the tracker has
  • change the scale or the start point of an instrument

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

Lauchpad probably

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Hey @arcsibo, do you mean synth mode or do you actually mean performance mode?

It sounds like you would like to use multiple instruments or switch between instruments in a convenient way. Performance mode is purely based on adding “performances” on the 8 individual tracks.

yeah, you are right and yes I would like to use multiple instruments at the same time. Like doing a bass line during finger drumming.

And it makes sense to add a multi instrument mod instead of creating another performance page.

Should I update the description? :bowing_man:

Yes please :heart: , i’ll have a look later and maybe optimize if i see any need for it :blush:

all done

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Yeah I’ve been thinking about this too.

I was thinking even just having two GROUPS in the perform mode would be amazing.

Use case Eg: I want to transpose melodic channels ONLY while not transposing drums, but I want the pattern play mode fill patterns to affect all channels but the main, lead sample in the composition.

In the MPC there are these handy mute groups you can assign. Something like that for the perform page would be amazing.

Hey @here, i’ve updated the description and title to reflect more (what i think) you guys are talking about.

Let me know if i got it right (or not) :kissing_heart:.

If title were up to me:

Perform: Multiple Channel Groups For Assigning Perform FX

and one thing to note:

Cirklon has “defeat transpose” and “defeat force to scale” options in the instrument setup page where the user can tell Cirklon not to transpose drum sounds or force them to the global scale. I use it EVERY TIME.

Waaaait wait wait. Now you are confusing me again :joy:

The way i understand it, this is purely a way to use multiple instruments with the pads for live performances and is not related to Performance Effects / Performance Mode.

Am i misunderstanding this? :laughing:

Oh! That’s my bad actually. I thought OP were talking about the Perform page pads.

Feel free to delete my other feature request for the FX / mute groups.

It’s just perfect! :hugs:

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: