Additional non resonant filter for instruments

What is the problem?

There is no option to have track/instrument eq so it is very hard to tidy up mixes properly and create a balanced mix, aside from composition/note placement/volume which isn’t always possible depending on the type of music you create! The eq effect is pretty much pointless and is rendered to the sample so runs pre fader and doesn’t account for note pitch etc.

What do you want to achieve?

Can we get an additional non resonant filter on the instrument page with soft “q” as a minimum in high pass state, but ideally switchable hp / lp so we can remove lf or hf content from our instruments. Please can this be added after the existing filter in the audio chain so you can use it to help shape resonance on this filter? This would be really handy to clean up instrument parts by removing content from low or high end but still let us use the existing state variable resonant filter as a performance effect on instruments which can be modified via the envelope or lfo.

Are there any workarounds?

You can use a high pass filter on an instrument to cut low end but then you have no control over the brightness/hf content of the sound. (in particular I am talking about wavetable sample playback but it applies to other playback methods) The bandpass filter is a possible workaround but it is quite severe in terms of how much it removes from the audio and is more of a performance effect than a basic mixing tool.

Any links to related discussions?

I raised a request to have channel eq added but it was deemed impossible with current architecture. EQ per Track/Channel EQ We have a resonant filter already so hopefully a non resonant one added would be possible!

Any references to other products?



I’d just like to add this request is different to HPF and LPF with resonance in the sample editor this is requesting filter effect in sample editor. We need the shaping filter to be in the instrument page for post fader/mixer routing to account for frequency changes determined by note pitch and other effects etc and something which can be modified freely (ie not rendered) so you can adjust your mix as you go


Nice, thorough request. Thanks! :heart:

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Great thanks!!

@here Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, we have to decline your wish because of technical limitations.

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