EQ per Track/Channel EQ

What is the problem?

No channel EQ for tracker

What do you want to achieve?

We have a global EQ but it would be really useful to have channel EQ’s.
Even something very rudimentary like a fixed three band EQ like you get on mackie mixers or Porta studios, so we can get some more of a mix going on.

Some people tend to have a track for kick, a track for snare, a track for pads etc and want to be able to mix these together.

Sample EQ doesn’t help as you can cut the low end out but pitch it down and it comes back! I guess either a post-effect EQ either on the instrument page would be a compromise if it can’t be built into the master windows.

Are there any workarounds?

Not really

Any links to related discussions?

Not sure

Any references to other products?

Not sure


Hey @thomasdavidbradley i’ve altered your initial wish for some formatting and wording. Hope that is ok. :blush:

Yes that is good, I’ve had a think and feel that it would work better as a page on the instrument rather than on a mixer track, even if we could just get the eq on the master mix page and get that available as a page in instrument view would be absolutely huge! Really just need a way of being able to tidy up mixes a bit for playing live or recording a live jam. the sample eq effect is a bit pointless really as it affects source sound but doesn’t take into account the pitch of the sample.

I think this has a much higher chance of passing through if we keep it per track. I really doubt that the tracker has the juice left to do EQ on a per instrument basis. But if you want to change it to per instrument - i’m not going to stop you :laughing:

Got it!! Let’s stick with per track! even just a 3 band eq or some kind of shelving low cut / high cut per track would really help with tidying things up!

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@thomasdavidbradley Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design.

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