HPF and LPF with resonance in the sample editor

A High-pass Filter and Low-pass Filter with resonance in the Tracker’s sample editor for mixing tasks.

What is the problem?

The HPF and LPF are not meant for mixing tasks if you want to use them with an LFO. The HPF can be used with a high resonance to find the fundamental and get rid of frequences to get a better low end.

What do you want to achieve?

A HPF and LPF in the sample editor with resonance to filter out the mud or high noise in the sample before reaching the main filter of the instrument parameter.

Are there any workarounds?

Yes, with the filters of the instruments parameter.

Any references to other products?


As a possible workaround for now:

  • You could take the sample and apply the Instrument Filter the way you want it.
  • Place a note on an empty track and resample/record that into a new sample
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Yes, is a workaround, but I’d like a lot to have filters in the sample editor.


Filters in the eq would be great, with resonance to find the perfect cuts


@here thanks for the wish! It’s open for voting :slight_smile:


I just grabbed a tracker mini, and created an account to put in this request. I now see I’m not the only one interested in a destructive highpass and lowpass filter, within the sample editor.

Gets my vote… 1 vote left, now :thinking: