Adding fx for periodic playing trigs

One of the best feature of the Elektron devices is the “conditional trigs”. In the Tracker Mini (and perhaps the OG one), there is the “Chance” FX. It’s great for random trigs, but sometimes we need to automate some trigs. For example : drum breaks. I propose a new FX that we could have on the Tracker Mini. I would be so great !

What is the problem?

I want to add trig conditions based on the number of passages on it. Examples :

  • 4:4 : the trig is played only on the 4th passage on 4
  • 3:5 : the trig is played only on the 3rd passage on 5

What do you want to achieve?

Make it easy ! The FX list would be great for that

Are there any workarounds?

When we want to make breaks (every 4 bars for example) , we have to extend a pattern length 4 time. Always for example : 16 steps to 64 steps. On the last steps, we can add the drum break.
Another way : using song mode with 3 times pattern 1 and 1 time pattern 2 (where there is the break).

Any links to related discussions?

there : Add to FX-Section more Step Conditions (beside Chance)
But it’s just for Track OG. But the Mini ?

Any references to other products?

Elektron devices

Thanks a lot. Feel free to ask me more details. My english is quite difficult :wink: !

Hey @franck.maintenay, thanks for your wish. What you are requesting here is covered by the following wish:

While it was created for the OG Tracker, this would become available for the Mini as well. So i suggest you go vote for it and i’ll close this one as a duplicate :blush:

I wasn’t sure of “if OK for the OG then OK for the mini”. Just voted !
Thanks a lot

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No worries, that’s why we are here to help :blush:

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