Add to FX-Section more Step Conditions (beside Chance)

Chance is nice, but it would be great to have other Step Cnditions (when a
Note is played) like 1:2 etc, meaning the Note is played every second time
(for example).

What is the problem?

The problem is it doesn’t exist yet :wink:

What do you want to achieve?

Flexibilty in shorter patterns

Are there any workarounds?

Workaround is double the pattern and delete the note one time - not very

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Westlicht Performer

Hey @Akiko , check this out and give it a vote :wink:

I think it’s ok for me to close this one then yes? :blush:


Can’t you just delete the whole topic altogether? :wink:

Thanks for pointing me to the other topic.
Got my vote for sure! :+1:t3:

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