Writing Notes / Notepad into Project

I often think it would be super helpful and maybe even easy to implement, to have a Notepad under File to write down Notes which will be saved into the project folder as a txt and could be opened and saved from the Files screen.

Sometimes i have to close a project because i have stuff to do but still have plenty of good ideas what to do next with the song, what to do later on when mixing in my daw, what to ad or do, maybe record some sax, drum keys over this part later on or whatever. Even write Lyrics to the song while listening to it. Or if you choose to share the project one could leave some info for the collaborator … And since it‘s saved as a txt in the project folder one could even export and open it on the computer if needed.

Since we already have the qwerty keyboard and the large screen …

What you guys think ?

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Go give it a vote :smirk:

oh i did not see this one. unfortunately i don’t have any votes left :unamused:

you and me both :joy:

You can remove votes when a better wish pops up :grin:

How about pen and paper?