Who's used the Play for longer vocal samples?

I’m working on a track with pop vocals and I’ve found a nice workflow of 20-30s samples positioned across steps on a track with a 1/8 track speed. I’m not breaking new grounds in the world of electronic music but I haven’t seen anyone here or on YouTube post about this.

I’d be interested in hearing anyone else’s experience with vocals or longer samples in general on the Play, especially if you have something we can listen to!

the thing you should take into account, if you want to use longer samples:

Thank you! I know about that limitation and man does it make filter sweeps janky

My own follow-up, and a link to the work-in-progress song:

  • best to keep vocals to as few bars as you can stand. Otherwise you’ll hit stop and have a sample keep playing for 20 seconds while you’re trying to work.
  • I named them A-1, A-2, B-1… so I know what section they are
  • micromoves are your friends
  • long samples also seem to trip up export. For some reason a sample that starts 33s in on step 1 in the middle of the pattern chain doesn’t trigger. Works fine when the chain is played aloud.

Don’t want to derail the topic but I really dig that vibe on your posted song! Wouldn’t be offended with a Bandcamp link or smiliar with more of your work.


Aw thanks. I appreciate that.

I have bits and pieces out there. My SoundCloud is improv electronica performed solo or with a friend. Different from this. Feel free to poke around my SoundCloud.

OMG … Hey P-team … double click stop = stops all sample playback.… Has been working like a charm on the MPCs for decades :kissing_heart:

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Isn’t the issue here that play and stop are the same button?

Scroll encoder + Play/stop could work tho…

@uncleage also check out the Otnes album ‘Show Them What’s Inside!’. The vibe is more rock/pop but with some electronic and synth slant, and more of those sultry vocals. They’re indie and need as much support as they can get.

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Wops :kissing_heart:…coght me …guilty of backseat driving… dont own a play … patiently awaiting next update … keeping my opinions open…

If you tap the master volume button while a long sample is playing, it will stop playback. It’s in the manual.


Thank you for this tip! I do keep the 200 page manual readily reachable, but I haven’t read it front to back. I’m glad it’s in there.