What NES games are you playing?

Now I’ve got the Tracker Mini I’ve been trying out some NES games. I could do this with my old original Tracker, but it makes sense on the Mini. Feels more like a portable games console I guess.

I’ve been playing:

  • From Below (homebrew variation on Tetris)
  • Kickle Cubicle
  • Yoshi’s Cookie
  • Yoshi
  • Dr Mario
  • Tetris
  • Hyperbeatz (a homebrew music rhythm game that I’m not coordinated enough for!)

What other games are others playing that work well? I’m finding that a lot of the homebrew games don’t run :pleading_face:.

If you’ve been enjoying a NES game on your Tracker I’d love to know about it!


I have no idea how the gaming side of this works. How would I go about installing say Tetris? Do you have to buy it somewhere?

You just need to drop a game rom in the ‘Games’ folder on the SD card. The file will have a ‘.nes’ extension.
I recommend the From Below homebrew game that is a bit like Tetris. You can download the .nes rom free from the official website here: FROM BELOW - A Real NES Game! by Matt Hughson (NES Dev)
As far as non-homebrew NES roms goes, well they’re out there on the internet and you can search for them, but the sites letting you have them free - I very much doubt they legally own these files.
Perhaps we should ask Polyend where they expect Tracker owners to get NES roms from, seeing as they added this functionality…

Ah, ok. Thanks! I’m definitely going to try From Below. I’m not going to game much on this thing but the occasional round of Tetris will be nice, haha.

My current favourite is Oopi’s Quest!
This is a recent homebrew that is available to download from that link.

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Dr. Mario is one of my favourites… But currently I notice any slightly more complicated ROMs like Zelda or Metroid don’t function but the less complex games work flawlessly in most instances… Here is trying it out with Dr. Mario AkA Nintendos take on a Tetris style game… but Tetris also runs fine on both the Mini and OG…

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Yeah I’d love to be able to play Metroid…

It’s kid of weird that the ability to run NES roms was a feature added to the Tracker… (Maybe NES emulation is really simple to do??) It would be nice if they could add other emulation… SNES or GBA emulation would be really sweet, but I doubt I’ll get much support if I add this as a feature request. :joy:

haha… I don’t know much about the technical capacity needed to run an NES-Rom but when I saw this feature i thought it was quite fun… One more distraction to keep me from making music but I can see this making the Mini more fun when travelling and needing a break from music or just a way to play old NES games in general… I feel if it can’t run Zelda or Metroid i doubt it will have the ability to run SNES games but that is a realm I know little about… I work in film & animation… but if it can be added I’ll take it!!! haha… Get to work Polyend!!! :money_mouth_face:

Wondering if I could make tracks on Pulsar through the NES emulator lol

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Does anyone know if roms made with Nesmaker work on the OG tracker?

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Don’t know. Sorry, but I noticed that Oopi’s Quest was made with ‘NES Puzzle Maker’.

my set:

Battle City.nes
Bubble Bobble.nes
Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers.nes
Donkey Kong Classics.nes
Ice Climber.nes
Nuts & Milk.nes
Prince of Persia.nes
Super Mario Bros.nes
The Goonies.nes

Why cant we sample the sounds? :sweat_smile:


Checkout Nes2 roms on the internet archive.

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I downloaded the zip, but not a lot work.
Didnt check m all yet haha. By far

Bubble Bobble is great to play again! Good memories


Hi! Would you mind sharing the link with me? I’ve downloaded and tested a couple ROMs, none worked for me. This is one of my favourite games ever.

+1 for bubble bobble. istant flashback.

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I notice that posts like this pointing to non-homebrew (illegal roms) are being removed, so I expect your post will also be removed.