Mini: Expand Emulation capabilities

So Polyend gave us the ability to play NES ROMs on the Tracker OG and Tracker Mini…

What is the problem?

The current NES Emulator has very limited support and most homebrew musical ROMs do not work as expected. Also a GB/GBA emulation would be welcome to use things like Nanoloop or LSDJ. Also, as this is a sampler that can play ROMs, it would make sense for it to be able to sample from a ROM also. That would make the fact that it can play ROMs make a bit more sense.

What do you want to achieve?

  • Have better support for NES Homebrew (especially the Music related ROMs)
  • Have the ability to sample audio from ROMs
  • What if the Mini could run more than just NES ROMs?
  • What about SNES, or GB, or GBA?
  • Also, how about the ability to use save-files for the game feature?

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


I find it kind of interesting that:

  • Johan Kotlinski took the original DMG-01 Nintendo Game Boy portable game console and created LSDJ - a Tracker based music making app for making tunes on.

  • Polyend made a portable Tracker music making device (that kinda looks like a Game Boy) and made it play game ROMs.

I’m not sure this wish will get much support, I mean, this is a bit of music making gear after all…

Thanks to @alexandrosroussos for the idea of being able to sample from ROMs, which has now been added above. It makes a lot of sense to have this feature added in, especially if the ability to run Homebrew music making ROMs is expanded.


Whoops, your wish fell through the cracks @Timbient , but i found it again :blush:

I’ve updated the title and description with some additional details and added the neccesary wishlist template.

If anyone has any additions please add them to the original post since it can be edited like a Wiki :heart:

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Many thanks for top an tailing it correctly @Sandroid !

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I also wish it had more emulation capabilities.

But more importantly : I wish it could sample from game mode ! That would be nuts as we could use some games that have synth engines as instruments (LSDJ on GB ! Or if we can emulate basic Atari/DOS .EXE !).

Let me know if this needs another wish post or can be grouped here.

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Hi @alexandrosroussos, Wow, that would be fantastic! Yeah to be able to sample from the ROMs that you can run. That would also make the whole ROMs side of the Tracker make more sense, like a purpose for why the ROMs functionality is there. I really like this idea.

I’d be really happy for this wish to be added to mine. Sandroid’s post above says: ‘If anyone has any additions please add them to the original post since it can be edited like a Wiki’.

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Perfect let’s add it here.

If I have the time after my work this evening I can attempt an edit to your post. Otherwise feel free to.

I don’t really care much about having credit to this idea as long as it’s popular and hence implemented ! :wink:

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Thanks, I’ve added it in above, but please feel free to expand on this if you like.

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@Timbient Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, we have to decline your wish because of technical limitations :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Hans. I appreciate the reply!


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