What is polyend's new thing? Lets see how close I got :) on the 12th

aka this is an artistic rendition.

so 2 more days and some sneaky visuals by polyend. I am interested to see what it is. Looks like a handheld unit for sure. But we will see how close I got :slight_smile:


They will release for sure something useful and original. A field recorder and more… Very interesting.

With a new machine we will never see an update for the tracker im afraid.
Probably everything we would love to see in a update in a new box?

Let’s collect the teasers. :slight_smile: I have seen these two on YouTube:

Well, there is this:

And of course there is also the #wishlist where Polyend has accepted plenty of wishes for the Tracker.

I think that we will see an update for the tracker, maybe the last, but I hope it’s not, I don’t know but there are a lot of great wishes …

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@bennjordan spilling the beans and silencing others. Looks like a lot of influence from hand held trackers. But be very interested to know which ones. also cross compatible with the tracker and/or play :slight_smile:


The compatibility with tracker and play would be awesome. I think of you want to maintain a loyal base of customers one the keys is compatibility. I hope it will be a portable tracker. My dream.

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I’ll give them this, Polyend know how to tease us, I hope whatever it is, they include both sample editing and sample playback features, it’s sorely missed in the Play device. I’ve since parted ways with the Play as it just didn’t work for me in it’s current state, but i’m intrigued by this, so lets see whats revealed on the 12th?

Will this one finally have a polyphonic synth engine? I wonder if they could implement the open source Mutable Instruments Braids/Plaits code, it would be awesome to have these synth engines available on their devices.

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Spring Reverb ?

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I feel this is going to be the learnings from the play and tracker. Also the sounds in the teaser video seem to be very synth sounding, so maybe? I am currently working on an analog wavetable pack to bring some of those synth sounds to the tracker and samples for the play.


very intereeesting.

so seems like the device name will be Polyend Anywhere

Polyend Anywhere was a Eurorack USB powered PSU. So no, that’s not a new product :wink:

Here’s the manual for it: https://polyend.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/manual_anywhere_web.pdf

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ah exactly dammit

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Polyend Go


Hey no spoilers :p. Saw this graphic floating around but not the 3d renders. Couple more hours to see. Someone thats is a big lsdj nut and built many chiptune dmgs. Very interested in the workflow.