Generate new patterns in Performance mode

Ability to create new patterns on the Tracker in Performance mode, mixing different tracks of different patterns

What is the problem?

Tracker’s Performance mode is very powerful and allows for spontaneous creativity. However, the tracks’ mix, the effects used, and the times of the performance cannot be recorded. At most, you are left with the audio.

What do you want to achieve?

Generate new patterns by mixing different tracks in Performance mode on the Tracker.

Are there any workarounds?

Write in a piece of paper the track number and the pattern number and copy/paste each track in a new empty pattern.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Could this wish be a way to implement this other one: Applying the perform mode's effects permanently? Would it make sense to merge both?

indeed, seems like it was a part of that wish you’re referring to, but I made a separate one which could mean the same.

Applying the perform mode’s effects permanently is only about applying. I thought we need to divide complex wishes into simplier ones, not merge :slight_smile:

That’s very interesting too… Thank you both

I just noticed the tracker tag for this wish. Are our links still relevant?

Oh, sorry, indeed, I had missed that this wish is for the Tracker and not for the Play.

I hope 1,6 won’t be the last update :slight_smile:

It won’t.


@ameliagagarin I have filled the problem statement section, which was empty. Feel free to edit that text if you wish. Other than this, I think this wish is ready for review.

Thank you very much!! I appreciate it a lot

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@here thanks for your contribution! The wish in now open for voting :slight_smile:


I would LOVE to see this and feel it’s a real missed trick for Tracker.

I’d previously posted a similar request pre-Backstage:
Create new Pattern from Perform mode’s Track-specific Pattern selections… · Issue #1577 · polyend/TrackerBetaTesting (

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