Vertical lines error, no sound sloppy

@ameliagagarin would you mind updating this post to be a Bug? It very much looks like one to me, and it would probably help moving things forward.

How can I do that?? I mean… change it for a bug…

I can help set up the correct categories and include the template if you fill it out afterwards?

Yes, I Will fill it

I’m going to do it, create a bug post


Great, thanks!

Continue discussion in the Bug report please >>> Vertical coloured lines appears in the screen

Closing this topic here.

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There are not 2 people reporting this problem. There is 1 tracker that has a hardware issue with a screen and after exhaustive testing, we are confident it has nothing to do with the 1.8 update. Please refrain from filing bug reports on the behalf of others if you are not experiencing an issue.