Variations lost

Hi there. I experienced a weird troubleshooting with variations, following this workflow
1 - pattern édition with several variations on different tracks. No problem.
2 - I created about ten patterns in the same way. No problem.
3 - I rearranged order of the patterns with copy/paste function to prepare my live set. No issue.
4 - I play the entire set with variations. No issue.
5 - I save the project. No apparent issue.
6- the day after, I play my set : all variations are empty… everything vanished except on pattern I did not copy/paste… variation pads are lit as usual, but nothing on tracks. Only the « root » variation is good.

@Jeff-fr I’m sorry this post was missed. If you are still experiencing this problem (or any problems), the best bet is to submit them in the Bug category following the bug report template.

+1 on the original Play (and now on the Play+), with some of my own quirks, unable to get resolved as of yet.

@alxzndr thank you for submitting a bug report on Large number of variations lost after quick copying. Let’s continue there.

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