Large number of variations lost after quick copying

Video link attached.

In a large project I am copy/pasting patterns into variations to condense the showfile. It works at first then the variations are scrubbed after I have gone on to work on other tasks.

I had to return the original Play twice because of this issue plus the general crashes. I’m using the same showfile as on the original Play.


  • I copy and paste patterns into variations to condense the showfile
  • I test each pattern->variation as they are copied in and test previous ones to see that they work.
  • Once it is done, I move on to other tasks
  • I go back to check the variations
  • They are all lit up, but when I select them they are empty, and when I select another variation, that variation’s LED lights indicating full, vanish.
  • Then I have to go back to an earlier save, losing the work on the other tasks I have done.

I can provide the work file under an NDA agreement.

Will this issue be fixed? It has cost me many hours.

I hope this will be fixed for you :v:

I think your idea about “follow on variations” deserves to be posted in a Wish, if you haven’t already.

Hi @alxzndr , sorry for taking so long to analyse this bug. You caught us just before the holiday season, rushing to finish the year :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time to log the issue with such detail and we’re sorry for the inconvenience it caused.

We haven’t been able to reproduce the problem with simply copying and switching variations on latest Play+ release Since we are missing this info in your original report, could you please let us know which version you are using?

After analysing the problem, we believe issue lies in this point. Have you been able to understand when exactly the corruption of variations happens? We think it might be due to the way you’re switching the variations.

We experienced similar issues when swiping across the pads: I’m afraid pads are not performing well with such interactions, as opposed to pressing one pad at a time to switch, select, activate or copy. When swiping, your finger is located on several pads at a time and this might confuse the system and lead to corrupt data.

We noticed irregularities which would lead to:

  • playhead disappearing on some tracks/variations most likely because they contain invalid parameter data
  • variations marked as used but “looks” empty because play is not running on the track

By invalid data we mean parameter value would be out of range, for example Sample Attack = 872%

Please let us know if you noticed anything similar.

If you could provide us the faulty project this would help us a lot to investigate what’s wrong, especially if it’s the case as I described above: swiping gesture leading to corrupt data. Let us know how we can provide an NDA for you, we haven’t had such request before.

Thanks again for your support and patience.

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Thanks for getting back to me @miropoly .

I’m using the latest firmware also - 1.01.1405.

I test each variation back and forth with another as they are copied (and have fun jamming with them). It’s after I’ve gone to work on other patterns that I come back to find (I think the video shows) that although the variations appear lit, they are now empty and delete themselves as I exit.

I haven’t experienced any invalid parameter values along the lines of this 872% Sample Attack.

I’ve supplied all the export files via a google drive link to the Submit ticket site. The project isn’t actively for a 3rd party so we don’t need an NDA. It’s all using stock samples anyway (which are great!). As you’ll be able to see, the majority of the patterns in that packed showfile are, essentially, variations. So it makes lots of sense to me to be able to condense them from multiple patterns, maybe unintentionally similar. (As well as create crazy follow-actions, wink-wink).

I can see the potential for bugs to occur when swiping across pads. Maybe to be able to create variations on all tracks via the same “one-track’s-variation-button-selects-all option” sort of thing?
Holding shift, pressing one variation, then the Play+ could just ignore subsequent (eg<0.5ms) button presses.

Assistance appreciated, thanks

Just for the record, @Jeff-fr had reported a problem that may or may not be the same: Variations lost.

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Hi @alxzndr , I appreciate the fast response and support to help us solve this serious issue.

I received your project from the support team and we are investigating it. We already see the case of “corrupted” variations which show as “used” but are actually empty (you can see that on in the project/patterns folder already, where .track files are missing for the respective faulty variations. In the meantime, please help us with some answers to figure our what could’ve caused this faulty state.

  • do you think it comes from quick copying variations or quick copying whole patterns? Which actions did you actually execute (see my questions below).

Thanks, this helps a lot to know, as the issue we saw (which come also from heavily swiping fingers across the variations page) is most likely different root cause.

Could you please elaborate this two points. More detailed reproduction steps would help us as we believe this is when the issue happens. What exactly do you mean by copy and paste patterns into variations? What are the interactions you use to achieve this. Please be as detailed as possible :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience and answers in advance!

Thanks for sharing @icaria36 ! This definitely seems like a similar issue. I will copy/paste the repro steps here:

I experienced a weird troubleshooting with variations, following this workflow
1 - pattern édition with several variations on different tracks. No problem.
2 - I created about ten patterns in the same way. No problem.
3 - I rearranged order of the patterns with copy/paste function to prepare my live set. No issue.
4 - I play the entire set with variations. No issue.
5 - I save the project. No apparent issue.
6- the day after, I play my set : all variations are empty… everything vanished except on pattern I did not copy/paste… variation pads are lit as usual, but nothing on tracks. Only the « root » variation is good.

Although in this case, it seems that the corruption happens in steps 5-6, possibly project doesn’t save variations fully, and they are corrupted after loading the project again. We’ll keep analysing and write you as soon as we have more info!

@Jeff-fr please consider sharing your project file and we can investigate if these are same issues or two different ones. Thanks!

do you think it comes from quick copying variations or quick copying whole patterns? Which actions did you actually execute (see my questions below).

From quickly copying whole patterns

Could you please elaborate this two points. More detailed reproduction steps would help us as we believe this is when the issue happens. What exactly do you mean by copy and paste patterns into variations? What are the interactions you use to achieve this. Please be as detailed as possible

  • open the pattern I wish to copy
  • swipe-press quickly down the select column to select all the tracks.
  • press the copy button
  • move into the pattern I wish to host the variations
  • press the variation button (before, I would swipe down all the variations - this is unnecessary now)
  • swipe-press down a blank variation
  • paste (shift and copy buttons) the previously copied pattern.
  • press play to check the new variation (always ok)
  • move back to the first variation to check it (always ok)
  • move to the new variation to check it (generally ok - 80-90% of the time)
  • go on to do other stuff.

I think it has happened without me having saved the showfile, BUT saving the showfile seems definitely to exacerbate the probability of corrupting the variations. Which leaves me with the choice of reverting to a previous showfile and losing all the subsequent work I did after the variations, or redoing the variations.

Thanks for the effort taken in this. Martin has transferred the showfile across.

Has anybody solved this issue? I’m having the exact same problem.

Play+ currently on v1.0.0 and the issue seems to happen when copying and pasting in pattern mode. Variations just disappear even when the pad light indicates a used pattern/variation. It’s erasing my tracks 1 variation at a time. It’s definitely not from swiping pads.

Hi, Modaxiom. Sadly not, I’ve had no response since I sent the show file - no idea whether the fault has been able to be reproduced or what the root cause is.

Aside from anything else, it’s disappointing as this has gone on for a long time for me (same issue on the original Push). Tech support just kind of fizzles out.

Hi @modaxiom , thanks for your comment. Could you share the project which is faulty please and we’ll investigate further.

By this you mean Quick Copying patterns in Pattern page?

Hi @alxzndr , we are able to see the problem in the project you shared, thanks for that. The issue is being analysed and is still planned for the upcoming Play updates. We’ll keep you informed if we manage to resolve it. Thanks for your patience and support!

Yes Quick Copying on the Pattern page

Yes I can send the project file. Where do I send it?

Hi @modaxiom , you can attach it here as a zip file or upload to any standard drive like Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer etc. Thank you!

Hey Polyend crew, any progress? I reported this bug around a year ago on the original Play! Great concept, but…man, these bugs!

Hi @alxzndr ,

Could you point us to the original report please, and we’ll investigate why it wasn’t fixed before.

As for this bug report, it was reported with latest 1.0.1 release and there hasn’t been any updates since then. As said above, we’ll analyse the problem as part of next update and inform you if it gets included.

Thanks again for reporting the issue and for your patience.

Hi @modaxiom , thanks for sharing the project, but I cannot reproduce the issue with it. Could you please explain how to get to the problem you’re experiencing?

My steps are:

  1. Open project
  2. Open Pattern page
  3. Quick copy current pattern 121 into empty pattern slot 122 by pressing and holding pattern 121 pad and tapping pattern 122 pad
  4. Screen shows copying popup…
  5. Switch to pattern 122 after copying is finished
  6. Compare patterns 121 and 122 and their variations = they are identical copies

Please help us find the issue you’re seeing. Thanks for your support!