Using fill to add 3rd synth melody changes melody on another synth

Bug Description

using fill to add 3rd synth melody changes melody on another synth

Reproduction Steps

  1. I have melodic sequences using synth 2 (1 voice) and synth 3 (3 voices).

  2. using fill i add another melodic line using the remaining free synth - synth1 (1 voice)

  3. select “random+ melody” - fill.

this makes synth 2s melody completely change. if I add steps manually is doesn’t affect the other synth, just when using fill.


bug is reproducible always

Found in

Version: [1.0. 1]
*Build: [1405]



What happens if you stop the playback after you do the fill, mute the filled track that caused the change and then start playback again? Is the melody of synth 2 still changed? Or does it play the expected melody?

If the melody of synth 2 then plays what you expect, what happens then when you unmute the filled track?

I’m asking because it sounds like it may be related to some of the weirdness I’ve reported as another bug.

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yes, if I stop and then start playback the other synths melody goes back to normal for a second and then reverts back to the altered one.

if I stop playback, mute the new synth and then play the other synth is normal and doesn’t get affected. if I unmute it the other synth goes weird again.

Sounds like exactly the same bug.

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Closing this one as duplicate of Editing one synth affects the sound / note length of another synth

Let’s continue discussion there :slight_smile: