Editing one synth affects the sound / note length of another synth

I have uploaded a video of the bug in action here. Audio and video is a bit out of sync, I hope it’s not too disctracting.

Bug Description

Tweaking of synths sometimes affect the sound of other synths.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Punch in some steps with different synth engines.
  2. Play the pattern.
  3. Start tweaking steps belonging to one synth.
  4. Note that the sound of another synth at some point changes.
  5. Note that when reverting the tweaking or even muting the steps for the synth that affected the other, the unwanted changes to the sound of the other synth persist until the pattern is stopped.
  6. Stop and start the pattern to have the other synth sound correct again.


I don’t have full directions on how to end up with this bug from the beginning of an empty project. But it has happened several times for me. Most recently with the attached project. I’m not 100% sure the problem came with tweaking Note Length every time I experienced this in a project, bug it might be the case. I’m not 100% sure it’s always a WTFM synth affecting other synths, but it might be the case.

Found in

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Build: 1405

synthbug.zip (49.7 KB)


@3xm Thank you for reporting this issue and for all your extra help. We can partly reproduce it and we’ll investigate it further.

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I have this bug too it seems.

Great! Well… Great for debugging. Not great for you :grimacing:

Are you able to save the project, zip it and upload it here for the developers to use for their further debugging?

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yea not so great :joy:

I’ll do that when I get the chance.

what I might do actually is start a new project solely to try trigger this behaviour, so I can see exactly what causes it. as I just stumbled upon it in the middle of a tune.

might make it easier to diagnose

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Good luck! I wasn’t able to reliably reproduce this bug from a new project. If you find a way, it’s probably be very helpful.

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I’ll give it a go today. I’ll zip up that one too regardless :+1:

Remember to upload your zipped project here, in order to help debugging :slight_smile:

oops, sorry I totally forgot. havent written music since my last post. been mad busy with other stuff. it’ll be the first thing I do when I first up the play.

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No stress :v:

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Hi @beautron please upload the project with reproduction when you find the time. This will help us analyse the issue much faster. Thank you for your support.

I will close the other bug report (from you) as duplicate. Please let me know if I misunderstood, and you realise it’s different after all :upside_down_face:

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hi Miro,
I done it. the zip is too large to attach here. can I send it somewhere else?

You could use something like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or Wetransfer if the zip is too large to share. Just paste the link here.

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ok @miropoly

in this project i have patterns 1-4 used. its in pattern 4 that you’ll hear the bug.
in patterns 1-3 i add an extra synth each time, then i add a “random+ mellody” fill in pattern 4. thats what causes the bug here.

I have synth tracks 1-3 playing synth 1.
tracks 4-6 playing synth 2,
and tracks 7-8 playing synth 3.

Its when i add the fill melody to the last track (track 8) the bug happens.

when i add track 8 “Random+ Mellody” fill it makes track 3’s melody start playing just 1 single note for every step. it takes a few seconds for the bug to start, then it will stay bugged until you stop and restart playback, at which point it will play normally again for a few seconds before bugging again.

ive noticed if i write a melody from scratch on track 8 the bug wont happen, only happens when i use the mellody fill function.

if you mute track 8 before playback the bug wont happen. if you unmute it it will happen after a second or 2.

Cheers guys.

Heres the link to my google drive file. its called “oldhammer-test”…

and a cheeky photo so you get a feel for what the layout is.

synth 1 - red section.
synth 2 - green.
synth 3 - blue.


Hi @beautron , thanks for all the details, please give us access to this link. I sent a request. Thanks!

apologies, I thought access was already granted.
I just accepted the request now :+1:

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Hi @beautron , we can clearly reproduce the issue now, thank you for sharing the project! We suspect it might be related to Note Length = 0.00 setting for these relevant notes. Logically, zero length doesn’t make sense, and it’s something which shouldn’t be allowed by design, but didn’t cause problems so far. Please be patient while we work on this and as a workaround avoid using 0.00 as a value for Note Length to have predictable results. Thanks for your support!


cool, no problem at all. I’m glad to help.

cheers for the workaround too. I’ll keep an eye on note length now.

thanks Miropoly

[gimme a shout if you need play+ beta testers. I pretty much use it exclusively now, & on a daily basis. I’ve signed up to the beta list form] :+1:

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Thanks for your interest. We don’t have an active beta phase at this moment. We received your application to the beta group and we’ll add new beta testers in upcoming beta phases as needed, just be patient. Thanks!

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no worries :+1: