Editing one synth affects the sound / note length of another synth

I have uploaded a video of the bug in action here. Audio and video is a bit out of sync, I hope it’s not too disctracting.

Bug Description

Tweaking of synths sometimes affect the sound of other synths.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Punch in some steps with different synth engines.
  2. Play the pattern.
  3. Start tweaking steps belonging to one synth.
  4. Note that the sound of another synth at some point changes.
  5. Note that when reverting the tweaking or even muting the steps for the synth that affected the other, the unwanted changes to the sound of the other synth persist until the pattern is stopped.
  6. Stop and start the pattern to have the other synth sound correct again.


I don’t have full directions on how to end up with this bug from the beginning of an empty project. But it has happened several times for me. Most recently with the attached project. I’m not 100% sure the problem came with tweaking Note Length every time I experienced this in a project, bug it might be the case. I’m not 100% sure it’s always a WTFM synth affecting other synths, but it might be the case.

Found in

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Build: 1405

synthbug.zip (49.7 KB)

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@3xm Thank you for reporting this issue and for all your extra help. We can partly reproduce it and we’ll investigate it further.

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