USB MIDI from Android

Did anyone have any succes sending MIDI from their Android phone to a Play+?

I just tried connecting them, but it seems like the Play+ insists on being the USB host. At least I can’t get my phone to switch being the host. And thus I can’t change the USB connection to be for MIDI.

Did I miss anything?

Android 13, Fairphone 4.

Ah :hugs: … a brother in arms :people_hugging: … welcome to the struggle!

Whle these topics are about the Tracker, the issue is the same.
And no you didn’t miss anything.


I’ve already been around those topics. I guess I was just hoping that it was something completely different with the Play(+).

Anyways, at least it’s nice to be able to power the thing from my phone when I forget to charge my powerbank and urgently need to music :slight_smile:

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small victories! :blush:


yea i just found powering from my phone works this eve too :slight_smile:

I was trynna record my play+ master audio to my Android device tho. is it possible?

I’m afraid not, as long as the USB host role can’t be handed over to the phone.

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