Uploading files on Bitlocker protected laptop


I’m using business laptop which requires Bitlocker encryption for file transfer to external drives. Any tips on working around that?

I also have an SP-404MK2 which has it’s own app, and while the unit is connected to the laptop I can actually upload samples over the app without problem…

Is this a restriction that is enforced by your company? Because else you should be able to choose individual drives that don’t get bitlocked.

You can use any LiveCD-type Windows or Linux OS on USB drive. Just boot from it and do whatever you want. This is the easiest way. You can try using Total Commander, worked fine on my work PC. I don’t know how, but I was able to transfer files from PC to USB.

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Yup, this is enforced :confused:

Dual booting seems to be the only way for now. I tried the Total Commander but it gets blocked all the same. Still hoping this is possible like you can load samples to SP404 via the app. Booting from external drives would be just a pain to go through every time

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If this wish gets approved, this might solve your problems somewhere down the line:

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Aaaaawesome :heart: thanks for sharing this thread!

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Dropbox. Or get win pro on your home machine and decrypt each drive later.