Unwanted delay effect when syncing two trackers

When I clock sync two trackers and set a delay effect on the receiving tracker, I can hear an additional delay when stopping the sequence. I has its own delay time (very slow), but does respect the delay settings like feedback and filter.

Here’s two sound files, the first one without clock sync like it should sound, with just a short delay.

The second one with clock sync and the additional delay at the end.

Also tried this when clock syncing from another device (Roland SH4D), but then there’s no additional delay. It also doesn’t matter which of the trackers is the receiving one, they both have this issue.

Is this a know issue, or should I file a bug report about this?

Is the second tracker coming into the first one via Line In?
If so, check if delay/reverb is applied to the Line In of the receiving tracker.

No audio goes into any of the trackers. The receiving one that has the unwanted delay only produces its own sound.

Also, Line In delay is off on that tracker altogether. You can see the additional delay happening internally (leftmost bar in the global mixer page 3).

Interesting. I guess you have found yourself a Bug to report :muscle:

Unless we both are missing something obvious. :laughing:

Thanks! I filed it here: Unintentional delay effect when syncing two Trackers