Unintentional delay effect when syncing two Trackers

Bug Description

When clock-syncing two Polyend Trackers, the clock-receiving Tracker plays unwanted delay sounds after the sequence has been stopped, on any instrument that has a delay effect assigned. This sound is like a second delay, with a very long delay time. The assigned delay is also heard, but is partially cropped. While the sequence is running, this problem doesn’t occur.

This happens with both with the original Tracker as clock receiver, and the Mini as clock receiver. It doesn’t happen when another device sends a clock sync to any of the Trackers (tested with a Roland SH-4D).

Although it has its own delay time, the unwanted second delay does respect other delay settings like feedback and filter.

No audio signal is passed to any of the Trackers’s Line In. They solely produce their own internal sound.

Remedies I tried which failed (problem keeps occurring):

  • Toggle MIDI Transport In between MIDI or Internal
  • Toggle MIDI Sync in Master Delay settings between or or off
  • Trying different MIDI cables

One thing to note: when Transport In is set to Internal, the unwanted delay effect is only heard when the sending Tracker’s sequence has been stopped. When just the receiving Tracker’s sequence is stopped, the problem doesn’t occur.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Connect two Trackers through MIDI
  2. Load an instrument on one of the Trackers
  3. Build a pattern with this instrument
  4. Set a delay to this instrument, no matter which delay time rate
  5. Set this Tracker to be the clock receiver in Config > MIDI > Clock In: MIDI In Jack
  6. Set this Tracker to receive Transport In in Config > MIDI > Transport In: MIDI In Jack
  7. Set the second, clock sending Tracker to send out MIDI in Config > MIDI > MIDI Out: MIDI Out Jack
  8. Set the clock sending Tracker to Config > MIDI > Clock Out: MIDI Out Jack
  9. Set the clock sending Tracker to Config > MIDI > Transport Out: MIDI Out Jack
  10. Press play on the sending Tracker, starting the sequence on both Trackers
  11. You should hear the sequence playing on the clock receiving Tracker
  12. Press play again on the clock sending Tracker, stopping the sequence on both Trackers
  13. You should hear the sequence stopping on the clock receiving Tracker, followed by delay artifacts


Bug is reproducible always

Found in


  • Version: 1.7.1

  • Build: 561

Tracker Mini

  • Version: 1.0.0

  • Build: 492


Original sequence without synced Trackers. Delay is intentional.

Sequence with synced Trackers. Intentional delay is heard, but also a second unintentional delay after stopping the sequence.

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