Tracker + <> Tracker Mini project sharing


From what I understand projects are eventually supposed to be 100% transferrable between Tracker + and Tracker Mini. Is Tracker Mini Firmware 2.0 the point at which this is actually true? If it is, what is the correct way of doing so? Can you copy over the SD card wholesale, or only certain directories?


Hey @jordan.lawler, welcome to backstage! :partying_face:

With Mini Firmware 2.0 now out - yes this is that point. You can now share projects/patches between the Mini and the Tracker+ without issues.

There’s no correct way per se. You can transfer the entire projects folder and patches folder. or just copy individual projects and/or patches from one device to the other.

I wouldn’t copy the entire card though (would needlessly take too long).

Thank you Sandroid - in regards to samples used in the project, do those come along in the projects folder, or would I need the sample folder to be the same across SD cards?

Projects are selfcontained - so they include the selected samples (as instruments) and 3 patch files (for each synth slot).

So yeah… if all you want to do is move projects between devices, just copy the project and you are golden :muscle:

Please see this bug. Not sure how projects are completely shareable between the Tracker+ and Mini when this feature is completely missing on the Mini.

Scale is set on a global level and not part of an individual project. So this does not affect the project files or your pattern/instrument/patch data at all. So the projects are completely fine and sharable.

But you are right - the random fx will take notes from the chromatic scale on the mini for now.

It works great. Been using both. I can even swap the cards.

Work on a project on Tm on the go then come back to the studio and pop the card out of the Tm and into the T+ and vice versa.

Ill swap back and forth for a while… then sync up another card with it’s at a certain point.

It affects the output of a project, so it doesn’t really matter if it is a project or global setting. If the global settings that affect how the device functions are not compatible between devices, then the underlying projects are not compatible.

And yes, I understand there are global settings that would be hardware specific that wouldn’t apply to both devices. This is not one of those, since it fundamentally changes how the random note fx behaves in the sequencer.

Start a project on Tracker+ using random note fx and choose a scale. Move that project to the Mini and try to change that scale.

I understand what you are saying, what i’m saying is that the integrity of the project files themselfs is not in jeopardy:

  • Project files and all files associated with a project and their integrity ARE compatible between the two devices, nothing is lost on a data-level.
  • So even if the Mini (currently) doesn’t offer a Global Scale Option in the Settings, the project is not corrupted or broken because of that.

I understand that. Not corrupting a project is not the same as being functionally compatible, though. A project using random note fx can/will behave differently depending on what device it is running on right now. And yes, I know that even if the global setting was already in the Mini this could still happen, but you would at least have the option to change the setting so it would behave the same.

Frankly, I don’t understand why the global scale wasn’t in the Mini from day one, but at the very least I assumed it HAD to be in 2.0 for project compatibility between the Tracker+ and the Mini. I guess I’m just the weird one that doesn’t find the chromatic scale all the useful for random notes.

Nothing weird about that at all. I don’t think most people would consider the chromatic scale great for randomness :joy:

Let’s hope this will be fixed soon :heart: