Tracker plus feature req - save button state in perf mode


I love the tracker plus.

It would be really amazing to be able to save the state of performance buttons inside a pattern.

For example. I copy pattern 1 to a new pattern #2. I then can select whatever tracks in performance mode , light up a few performance pads. Random , filter etc and re save the pattern #2 with the enabled performance buttons active.

This would be a great way to make quick variations embedded in song mode. Then of course live you can still mess around however.

Make sense ?

Hey @rick-3687. A warm welcome to backstage :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great idea! From the Backstage homepage, in the top right you can click “Open Draft” to start a wish. I’d invite you to please read Writing a good feature request since it’s your first time. Tag me with an “@” if you need any help or assistance :slight_smile:

Much appreciated ! I created a draft and tagged you in it, if anything needs any editing in my part

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