Tracker OG - Song mode improvements

Hi, now 1.8 for the OG Tracker is out, I was a little disappointed to see so little progress with the song mode.

Problem: Song mode is very linear.
We can Loop the current Pattern, or let playback move forward to next line.

Suggestion: Provide a function to cue ANY Pattern to be the next played Pattern.

Workarounds: You can move to any pattern in Pattern mode, so we know the Tracker can physically do this. (Its the UI in song mode is preventing this functionality.)

There has been 2 notable talking points on the forum about this function.
1: Moving to the next Pattern being controlled over midi.

2: Polyend Team mentioning about wanting to take Song mode in “another direction”.
Anything you can share about the Road Map?



Thanks for the wish @mrgum6y. Appreciate the links to the relevant topics.

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: