Tracker Mini randomly froze/crashed

While playing back a pattern it randomly froze playing a harsh kinda granular sound, didn’t respond to any key presses. I had to turn it off and on again. First time after restart the display was blinking weirdly.

Just got my Mini 2 days ago and I’m in love. Like above, it happened already twice that it randomly froze and didn’t respond to any keys (also froze with a harsh glitchy sound). Anyone experienced this? Should I be worried? The device was plugged in with high % of battery the first time and the second time operating only on battery but fully charged.

Hoping a firmware update will be able to solve this.

Hi @szczepan.drozd , sorry you experienced this and we’re happy to hear you’re enjoying the product.

We have similar issue with Tracker OG: Randomly freezing during playback with buzzing sound at the output
Please read through and see if the freezing you saw on Mini happens in same circumstances: during playback, buzzing sound at output… or are there any differences in how it happens?

Either way, we will investigate this also and let you know. Thanks for reporting this and best regards

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Thank you for pointing me to this thread! I started with searching if this issue was already mentioned on the forum but apparently didn’t look hard enough.


the problem is there are no ‘circumstances’.

It just happens no matter what you do (or not do).

I just gave it another try with a USB-cable from my GoPro. I almost wanted
to start cheering, when it finally froze again (while playing back one of the
demo songs).

It’s a pity. It’s the first unit in years I loved from the first moment on and
got the workflow immediately… I would even buy it a second time, if it
would not crash permanently. Damn.

It’s a weird situation, when you love something cause it’s just great to work
with but it won’t let you somehow…

I get a freeze and buzzing sound after few seconds of playing whichever of the stock projects.

Just experienced the exact same freeze for the first time on my Tracker Mini. While playing back a project from yesterday the freeze occurred while adding an effect to a step (specifically, adding delay send to step and increasing its value). Device was unplugged, battery about 2/3 full.

I did recently switch to a larger SD card. When I made the switch I reformatted the new card, copied everything from the original card onto it, and have since been uploading new samples and .wav files to it.

Hi! First post.
Had the Tracker OG some time ago, sold it because of it taking mono samples only.
Now have the Mini since half an hour and it crashed on me 3 times already. Once at playing a demo. Once when adding an fx to the last step.
Upgraded to new firmware. Another crash.

edit… no had 4 crashes more. Just playing different demo tracks and playing in the performance mode with the beatrepeat. Or even just going into the menu to sample editor and all buttons becaome unresponsive. Have to reboot.
Ooph, this is quite extreme.
Shiiiiiit, i really want to like this thing!

Did you guys keep using the Mini?
Did anything help preventing it from crashing?
I reset the config.

(it’s a B-stock from thomann, maybe already has been in a dozen of hands, but still, new firmware etc)

So 1.7.1 on the Tracker fixed the random crashing, but 1.0.1 omn Mini didnt?

maybe i need to reinstall the content of the sd card?
problem is i have to register it to get it from your site.

edit…ok, so i did this, was svery hopefull but still random crashes.
in any page during any action. really dont see coherence

That many crashes seems excessive. I personally have not had a crash yet… like ever… on the Mini. Did you try and reflash the firmware?

ok. i havent had a crash in an hour now! which is great!
so i reinstalled the sd card, which didnt help.
then i downgraded the firmware back to the old version, and now it hasnt crashed yet.

i read about the problem with crashes on the og with the 1.7.0 firmware and peole went back to 1.6.0
(which apparently was solved with 1.7.1 ?)

yeah some version of the tracker didn’t play well with 1.7.0, but that was specific for the OG Tracker. The Firmware for the Mini is actually at version 1.0.1 now. Which one are you running?

i am on 1.0.0 at the moment
no crashes anymore

on 1.0.1 i got lots of crashes

for the sake of the argument i upgraded again just now again to 1.0.1 and BAM dzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz again

edit. a shoot, crashed again also in 1.0.0 in performance mode. i give up. dont know whats wrong with this specimen

Bummer :people_hugging: . If this persists, make sure to contact customer support. I’m sure they’ll help you out. :hugs:

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I haven’t had a single crash and I’ve been using mine quite a bit since October last year. I’d just contact support :man_shrugging:t2:

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I reached out to support. Its getting fixed. Super service.

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@szczepan.drozd and @Akiko @lukeaxiom @ianeblevine or anyone else: Did it get resolved for you?? And how?

Or maybe you bought the same flunked device from Thomann whch you returned? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Good to hear from @Pizza2047 and @Sandroid that they havent had a crash in months!
Then it might feel good to get it out to play live shows with :smiley:

Mine has been crashing almost every session

I had the same. Contacted support and got to send it to Poland. You should too (?) Hope they can fix it.

My brand spanking new PT mini also started freezing and playing a harsh sound after I updated the firmware to 1.0.1. Reverting to 1.0.0 fixed it.

I’m guessing this makes it a software issue but I’ll contact support to see what they say.

The freezing happened aboug every twenty to thirty minutes or so. Reliably. For both firmware versions I used the same project and the same SD card (Sandisk MicroSDHC Ultra 32GB 120MB/s C10-UHSI-A1 Photo). Disconnecting or connecting the power brick made no difference.

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That makes 6 freezing devices versus 2 that function like they should.
Kind of dreadfull. :woozy_face:

Im very curious how it went for all of you.
Did you return it/sell it/get it fixed?