Tracker Mini randomly froze/crashed

While playing back a pattern it randomly froze playing a harsh kinda granular sound, didn’t respond to any key presses. I had to turn it off and on again. First time after restart the display was blinking weirdly.

Just got my Mini 2 days ago and I’m in love. Like above, it happened already twice that it randomly froze and didn’t respond to any keys (also froze with a harsh glitchy sound). Anyone experienced this? Should I be worried? The device was plugged in with high % of battery the first time and the second time operating only on battery but fully charged.

Hoping a firmware update will be able to solve this.

Hi @szczepan.drozd , sorry you experienced this and we’re happy to hear you’re enjoying the product.

We have similar issue with Tracker OG: Randomly freezing during playback with buzzing sound at the output
Please read through and see if the freezing you saw on Mini happens in same circumstances: during playback, buzzing sound at output… or are there any differences in how it happens?

Either way, we will investigate this also and let you know. Thanks for reporting this and best regards

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Thank you for pointing me to this thread! I started with searching if this issue was already mentioned on the forum but apparently didn’t look hard enough.


the problem is there are no ‘circumstances’.

It just happens no matter what you do (or not do).

I just gave it another try with a USB-cable from my GoPro. I almost wanted
to start cheering, when it finally froze again (while playing back one of the
demo songs).

It’s a pity. It’s the first unit in years I loved from the first moment on and
got the workflow immediately… I would even buy it a second time, if it
would not crash permanently. Damn.

It’s a weird situation, when you love something cause it’s just great to work
with but it won’t let you somehow…