Tracker Mini 1.1 Long Audio Sample Editing

Bug Description

When the latest firmware dropped for the Mini, it said in the release notes that the recording buffer has been fully opened up to allow recordings up to the duration of the entire projecct memory. As a person who loves long samples, of course I’m overjoyed.

However, when I attempt to load long samples I’ve been able to record (longer than the original 44-45 sec. limit in previous models/firmwares) the Sample Editor page never actually comes up on the unit to display the sample to edit. I would assume that this has to do with the large sample size, as loading samples underneath the 44 sec. limit in the same project still bring up the Sample Editor window when queried by the Menu button and selection. Is anyone else having an issue loading longer sample sizes in the playback and editor windows on the mini?

Reproduction Steps

  1. Load a long sample into your project that is longer than 45 seconds.
  2. Try to open the Sample Editor window on your unit.
  3. The editor never actually loads, even when left to consider loading times.


This bug has been reproducible any time I try to load a longer-than-44 sec. sample on the Tracker Mini.

Found in

  • Version: [example 1.1.0]
  • Build: [example 833]

Hi @chris.nasteff! Thanks for your report, I’m sorry you’re having issues with the Mini. This particular case is by current product design. For the time being the sample length limit for the Sample Editor is 45s.
I would suggest to make a Wish about this feature.
More info on how the Wishes work.