Tracker freezing on 1.7.1 when Previewing while importing large files

Bug Description

When Importing long files and Previewing them, the Tracker will hard-freeze - requiring the power supply to be removed in order to be turned off.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Select a really long sample for Import (my last attempted file was 2.5 minutes long)
  2. Move the Start Position, then press and hold Preview. Note, I was not holding Preview while adjusting the Start Position - but using the two interactions exclusively.
    2a. [I did this about a half-dozen times before my last hard-freeze occurred]

Confirmed that the unit does not have to be in Playing a Pattern for this issue to occur.


This has happened to me at least five times in recent memory. I cannot as of this writing say if it’s an always bug or intermittent.

Found in

  • Version: 1.7.1
  • Build: 561


Here’s a Link to my Google Drive of a folder including a poorly framed video as well as the Project files and the .WAV file I was attempting to import.

Hello @erik thank you for the report and I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues with your Tracker. I downloaded the files from your Google Drive and examined them. Your project opens and runs on my Tracker.

I could not reproduce any freezes following your steps. I used the sample you provided.

Is this still relevant for you, if yes can you provide me some more details?

Please let me know if you need more assistance.

@Sandroid on Discord mentioned that I should try to reproduce this with ‘Snap to Zero’ turned off and … I can’t. It seems that there may be a number of issues related to the ‘Snap to Zero’ issue - possibly including this one. Can you try to reproduce it both with ‘Snap to Zero’ turned on and off?

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Hi @erik and @Hans , here is another related issues which might be worth considering while trying to reproduce this one: Tracker freezes when trying to preview 0s length range while importing
Sorry you’re experiencing issues and thanks for your support and detailed bug report.

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