Tracker Firmware 1.8.0!

Hi @111 , thanks for reporting this and sorry about the troubles. I suggest to put only 1.7.1 firmware in the SD card/Firmware folder and do a recovery procedure:

  1. Switch Tracker off
  2. Use a pin or thin object to press the internal reset button. This is located
    on the rear of the device behind the case next to the USB connection.
  3. Tracker should reset and search the firmware folder on the SD Card and install it.

Let us know if this helps and it if does please continue using 1.7.1 until we resolve this. At this point, we think only a number of users might be affected, possibly with older Tracker HW units. This isn’t confirmed yet.

Also, I suggest logging a Bug where we can track all details about this serious problem. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience it has caused you.

EDIT: the issue has just been reported by @ameliagagarin here: Vertical coloured lines appears in the screen. Please share your findings and let’s continue the discussion on this issue and collect more info there please. Thanks for your support!