Tracker and FX Pedals tutorial

Hey there crew! I have a new video about a few ways to use the Tracker with FX pedals.
It’s on very soon, feel free to join to premiere if you want to come say hi or ask any questions.


Super neat tricks! Thank you @stazma!
The Moog filtrer sounds so nice :star_struck:


Thank you very much!!

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Yes indeed, that thing is just sooo good. Happy I got one when it was still at a decent price on the used market.

Lucky you! :star_struck:

By the way, your video about parallel processing is really great, I found a lot of truely useful tips, thank you for this one too!


Link for anyone interested:

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Thanks man! I love to do this kind of weird things with the Tracker.

About the MF-101 if you can believe it seeing how much it is sold now, I got it for 150 euros hahaha.
Good old days!

I have an empress zoia with two independent channels and thanks to this video Im going to use it with tha tracker. Thanks!

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I was thinking the same thing with a H90 from Eventide (even tho I don’t have one hahaha)

Yea looks like a beast! And the new one has 4 ins & 4 outs :star_struck:

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Well I can confirm that zoia works perfect with PT as a effect unit.


I wanted to go for an H90, but I heard the mixer works kinda strangely. I think there is no way to run both devices through 2 effects and mix them together. You can either run 1 stereo input into 2 effects or run both inputs into 1 separate effect each.

The price also works kinda strangely. At least for my budget, I would consider it if I want to make it basically a new instrument that I would deeply explore to radically transform sounds. If it’s to get a nicer reverb-delay and play around a bit with more experimental presets…

The H90 seems to sound awesome from the demo I’ve seen but it is indeed VERY expansive.

I encourage you to try the empress zoia. Is a beast, you can do everything with it. I’ve controlled the program changes with tracker and works perfect. You can blend the 2 inputs in one stereo output or 2 mono, it has sequencers, randomness, glitch effects, and the effects are great. And is small.