Tracker 1.7 - Samples Cropped to Under 1s Are Halved

Bug Description

A long sample cropped to less than 1 second seems to get halved in playback.

When editing a sample that was recorded on the Polyend Tracker (recorded on version 1.6), I attempted to crop the 3 second sample down to .6s.

When playing the sample back, it only plays back to .3s, changing the playback method results in the same issue - so on a loop, a cropped sample that should be .6s will only play until .3s then loop. This happens in the sample playback, the track preview, and even the preview in the sample loader.

This issue seems to happen when a sample is cropped to below 1s. When cropping the same sample to 1s or more, it behaves properly and the full sample is played back.
The sample seems to always be cut in half, so a .6s sample stops at .3s, a .8s sample stops at .4, and a .4s sample stops at .2.

This happens with multiple samples.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Record a sample on the polyend tracker longer than 2s
  2. Load the sample into your project
  3. Using the sample editor, crop the sample to a .5s window
  4. Preview the sample in the sample playback, it should only play until .25s of the sample.


Always reproducible with samples recorded on 1.6.
I have not tested pre-loaded samples or samples recorded on 1.7.

Found in

  • Version: (1.7.0)
  • Build: unsure, whatever is the latest stable available on the website - I can check this tomorrow.


I can take a video tomorrow.

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Hi @cky ,

Sorry you’re experiencing this issue. We believe it’s already logged as Samples get cropped after upgrading from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0

But to exclude the possibility these are 2 separate issues, we need some more information from you:

  1. Could you please attach the project or samples which you mention in step 1 of the reproduction steps?
  2. Do you experience the issue with Snap to zero = On/Off, or both settings?
  3. Are you sure samples are exactly halved or roughly “half”?

You can find this on the device itself, just go to: Config > Firmware > Build > write down the number next to it

Thanks for the bug report and best regards

Hi @cky , can you help us with the answers please?

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Most likely a duplicate of either:

Or maybe even:

I will close it as duplicate because of no response from the reporter.

@cky If you experience different issue than described in two reports above, please let us know and we’ll re-open this bug report to analyse if further. Otherwise please follow the two bug reports above to find out when the fix will be ready. Thanks for your understanding.

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