Timestretch effect messes up instrument timing (Snap to Zero issue)

Bug Description

Timestretch effect messes up instrument timing so the sample end does not play anymore. It seems that timestretch effect does not update instrument timing/length information.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Load up a sample to 130bpm project (default) and beat-slice it to 8 slices (optional).
  2. Go to edit sample and timestretch it to 260bpm and save it.
  3. In sample playback view the sample does not play to end anymore. Last 2 slices do not play.
  4. Notice that in sample edit mode it plays the full sample.


Bug is reproducible sometimes

Found in

Version: 1.7.1
Build: 561


Attached is messed up instrument.
8 Beat_origin_2.zip (73.4 KB)

Could this be related to the “snap to zero” bug ? You could turn off “Snap to Zero” in Config->Project Settings and see if it still occurs. Hope this helps.

Yes, 0 point crossing detection caused this!
As I removed this setting, problem dissapeared. Enabling this setting brings the issue back.
Really odd as I cannot imagine how these two things can be connected. 0 point crossing check was useless anyway since it did not work half the time.

Hi @Radiowaves , sorry you’re experiencing this issue. We’ll have a fix ready in the next Tracker update. I’ll close this report as duplicate of: Sometimes samples don't play until end when Snap to zero = On


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