Synth Macros Performance Mode

The new synths are awesome but their usage in a live performance is extremely limited at the moment. Mainly because every sequenced macro parameter value that is defined on a step has precedence. This means unless you select a track, you can’t manipulate the voice / edit the macros on the fly AND when you switch pattern or variation, the predefined values of the new destination take precedence.

What is the problem?

It is currently problematic to live-perform gradual synth macro parameter changes beyond one pattern or variation, since after switching pattern/variation the predefined parameters of the new pattern and/or variation will override the current state.

I’ve decided to make a small video showing the “issue” in a very babbely way :laughing:

What do you want to achieve?

  • A performance oriented mode/option, specifically for the synth voices and their macros
  • Allow manipulating synth macro parameters continuously regardless of pattern/variation for build-ups or gradual changes during a live performance
  • In this mode any predefined/sequenced macro parameter values on steps should probably be ignored
  • Ideally you can manipulate all 3 defined synth engines at the same time (relative values).
  • This means there would have to be a way to select which of the 3 active engines you want to manipulate.
  • The selection of the active engines could easily be achieved by just selecting tracks that use any of the active synth engines.

Are there any workarounds?

The only workaround at the moment is to actually edit the patch while performing, which of course is not ideal. And the stepped encoder just doesn’t feel as nice :laughing: .

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Let me know if this is understandable or not,
or if a video explaining the current problem would be useful.

Any feedback, improvements, opinions are welcome. :blush:

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I think I said this in another thread about editing parameters per step, but I think limiting the scope of this to only the knobs with assigned parameters vs each synths entire parameter list would be ideal. That way we can see what parameter is on each step. Maybe that is what you mean by macro parameters.

Can we stay in performance mode while switching variations and patterns? Maybe the state for this could be based on if you are in performance mode or not?

By Macro Parameters, i mean specifically the 3 knobs that you can assign 6 synth values too, through the Patch-Editor.
Which are the parameters you usually may want to control yourself during a live performance.

I’ve updated / refined the wish content some more and added a video that hopefully explains what i mean a tiny bit better (in a very babbely way :laughing: ).

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I’m stunned that this hasn’t been patched yet, didn’t Loopop even mention it in his review? I know we all have usage cases but this one is for my personal usage screaming into first place as it’s a limitation that’s seriously hard to circumvent if the Play+ is a live instrument for you…very well explained and refined, thanks for the video also. Fingers crossed, looking down the Wishlist currently this seems so huge compared to other top wishes!

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Really good point @briannhinton , and you’re right it also applies to the sample parameter live tweaking that’s currently a live wish…it needs a context/target selection that doesn’t require more than a single button selection for it to be worthwhile at performance pace

@here Thanks for your contribution, the wish is now ready for voting! :slight_smile:


I think this would be a good Optional feature, as i think patterns playing to sound the way they were programmed is a feature too.
It would be nice tp have some sort of quick switch (like holding Shift for example, to switch between the two behaviours