Superbooth --- the rest

We have Polyend on Superbooth 2023. What about the rest? If you are interested on anything specific to combine with your Polyend gear let me know, and I will do my best walking around, taking pictures, asking questions…


Roland S-1 and Tempera. Fun to see how they might interact. Thanks.

Ok, I’ll check them tomorrow. Anything specific? Especially about the new Roland. By the time I check tomorrow there will be a bunch of reviews by specialists. The Tempera, true, interesting device. I haven’t seen it today in my random walks. Will search tomorrow.

My main impression today is that most of the gear is way bigger than what they look online. Especially a lot of gear announced in the past days.

Something that I was looking forward to try with my own fingers was the Xjam. I’m no expert finger drummer but I have owned and MPC One and a Maschine MK3 (that I’m selling right now on eBay btw). :sweat_smile: I wasn’t disappointed! Very sensitive pads and solid controller overall. With a very tempting price.

Very classy design as well. Looks nice.

Another novelty that I found interesting is this wofi.

Not for me personally, but the synth left me a good impression, just like the people developing it, the vision, and their business approach.

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the new microfreak firmware update looks quite interesting, would love to see it in action. combined with tracker, it thrives already as of v4, can’t imagine how good it’ll be with v5.

I understand people interested in X device combined with the Tracker etc but these booths are way apart amd I can’t “borrow” one to connect it to the other. :sweat_smile:

I found the Tempera stand but there was queue and then I realized that next to it there was another product I wanted to check: the Track8.

This is a very interesting device. My way to put it is: it’s a DAW without the DAW. Superficially it looks like a retro-sequencer, a device for your maybe retro-electronica-dance music. But already that unusually wide display calls the attention, and a closer look at the functions shows that this is your old piano roll friend with MIDI connectivity left and right, mono and stereo, mic input with even XLR and phantom button.

Unsurprisingly, the Track8 developer explains this better: it’s a song writing tool. And a very interesting and solid one. Sturdy case, the mechanical keyboard keys you still miss from your young life, solid knobs, solid ports. And that display.

For me, one thing that is as interesting as this product is the story of his creator. Colin started to build the Track8 for himself. He is a software developer and after 12 hours in front of a computer screen he had enough. How developer (no matter how good and how much help he subcontracts) ends up with such good hardware product in three years of a hobby project while keeping the full-time job that pays the bills, that is beyond me. He had a vision not just for the functionality he wanted, also the retro style he wanted to coat it on, and (I’m no expert but) I think he nailed it.

PS: if Rust tells you something, this is the programming language that makes this work.

Stop with the words, more pics:


Thanks for the updates.

How about the Polyend booth. Anything to share about Play 1.4?

Never mind. Just found the other thread with that info. Awesome stuff!

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Ok, the Tempera. Very interesting stuff. Just to add to the videos I have seen… I was wondering about sounds that are more like regular notes as opposed to drones. There is an ADSR envelope using the four knobs and you get those no problem (of course, the loaded samples need to be up to the task). I also asked about effects, now they have reverb and the usual ones (delay etc) will be there too. It feels good in the fingers and the hang, good quality. It is beautiful to the eyes with the changing colors and shapes. The size is compact and it feels right to me. If you care about booting devices, this one has a very colorful and beautiful booting. :slight_smile:

About the sound, the most important part, I have to defer to video reviews etc. Paradoxically but understandably, Superbooth isn’t a great place to listen to anything because there is so much going on.

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Roland S-1… I just realized Roland is not at the event. I guess I could go to a shop and try it, but so could you perhaps? :wink:

Looks interesting.
Can the encoders also send increments (just the info on what direction the encoder is turned, sometimes also the turning speed)? I have seen a lot of controllers with 360 knobs, but most have fixed range, making the knobs kind of redundant, Samson Conspiracy was biggest dissapointment (sitting on my desk right now).
Seems almost the same as AKAI MPD218.
Can pad lights be triggered with midi, how many colours are there?

I am specifically looking for affordable controller that is suitable for DIY crowd, Pure Data, Max etc, not for conventional music software but for custom applications. There are options, but expensive options.

Interesting. I ordered one (S1) and should get here Tuesday

Respect your elders.


We were not sure whether we were understanding your question, but here is what I saw. The infinite encoders simply send MIDI CC data, the point increments, as you go up or down. It also depends on what you assign the encoder. If it’s volume, it will go from 0 to 127 no matter how much or how fast you turn. The acceleration, as far as I can see, should be calculated externally.

I took a picture of their configuration tool where you can see the MIDI messages on the right.

In any case, the product manager Mike Rilling is happy to take any questions:

Ready for Bitwig’s concert/talk.

@Radiowaves Ah, about the colors. They can’t be changed, and they simply respond to pressure, from green (light pressure) to red (strong pressure).

How was it? Anything that stood out.