Stucked high pitched sound

Hey, i think i found something - bug or two.

Bug Description

Bug 1. Stucked high pitched sounds, after preview of sounds.
Bug 2. Play different sound that i doesn’t add to the sample pool.

Reproduction Steps

Bug 1.

  1. Just start adding sound from 333 - Polyend Tracker/Mini/Play Pack pack on fresh project.
  2. High pitched/clicks sound start playing after sound is end.

Bug 2.

  1. Added some sounds, start messing with Duke Nuke…
  2. Some times play sounds that stuck somewhere in memory that i doesn’t add to the sample pool, it appears from the from old/last opened projects.


Bug 1.
Bug is reproducible always. Not sure if it has to do with audio encoding or not.

Bug 2.
Bug is hard to reproduce. This gone after couple of restart/update cycle :slight_smile:

Found in

  • Version: (1.4.1)
  • Build: (1099)


Here i recorded, some video how high-pitched sound stuck (Bug 1.)

Hi @cavitas , thanks for taking the time to report these issues and apologies that you had to experience them. Before we continue, please take read How to report bugs for future reports and do not report two issues into same topic. This creates confusion and will just delay processing them. Having separate reports gives us opportunity to discuss specific bugs and understand better what’s going on, and finally deliver fixes faster. Would you be so kind to report them separately? If not, I will close this issue here and log it internally if we are able to reproduce it. Please let me know what you think.

Hi, @miropoly. Thanks for fast reply. This is interesting problem because second bug i get only after first bug. Maybe if first bug be fixed second doesn’t appear. I can edit the post, leaving only the first error, if the second one appears after the fix, I’ll just create a new thread with a bug, is it okay for you?

Hi @cavitas , thanks for writing back. Sorry but this wasn’t clear from the bug description or reproduction steps above. Thanks for explaining… in this case we’ll analyse the report as is and get back to you. Cheers

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Hi @cavitas, I cannot reproduce this issue even though I’m using the same sample pack.
Could you record both bugs and post them here?

Hello @borsuk, Thank you for helping again.
I recorded a new video so that you can track as much as possible how bugs pop up and what steps I take.

Brief description of timing:
0:00 Creating a new project
0:07 - 0:55 Adding samples from the pack
0:58 I noticed that the memory spent on the sample jumped from 30% to 54% :thinking:, although this sample takes up 15kb
1:00-1:28 I play this “strange” sample several times and check that it is normal.
1:30 Playing the nearest samples
1:32 I draw my attention to the appearance of “bug 1 - high-frequency sound” - when the sample ends, a pronounced high-frequency sound appears.
1:38 I turn off the sound by tapping the volume potentiometer. (I tried how long this sound plays, the maximum I endured was half a minute)
1:40-2.07 I create a simple track from samples.
2:09 I start doing duke nuken on the track.
2:15 I noticed the appearance of “bug 2 - samples that I did not add”, on a sample that dramatically consumed a lot of memory.
2:35-3.06 I decide to see what kind of sample is used. I understand for sure that I did not add this sample.
3:07 Checking the status of the sample memory. To find that sample. Bug2 appear
3:32 I’m checking this sample from the pack. Bug1 appear

Conclusions: I have an opinion that the bugs are somehow connected with the conversion of samples :thinking: Since it played sounds in bug2 that I used a couple of days ago.

And thank you for continuing to develop this wonderful product.


@cavitas Thank you for such a detailed reproduction and the video.
I managed to reproduce both issues.
Now we will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready.


@here I’m glad to inform you that both bugs were fixed in the Play 1.4.2 firmware update :slight_smile:


Thanks to inform, but now im in play+ gang X)


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