Steps with chance interrupt repeats from previous steps

Bug Description

A step that is skipped due to the chance conditions set on it interrupts sound of repeat from a previous step on the same row.

Expected behaviour: sound of repeat should not be cut off by a silent step.

For a reference, sound of a long sample is not cut off by skipped steps. I expect repeats to work the same way.

Reproduction Steps

  1. put a sample on the step 1
  2. set up a long repeat grid on the step 1, like 8 Hits | 8 steps
  3. put a sample on the step 2 on the same track
  4. set up Chance Skip 1 | Play 1 and action Play Step on the step 2
  5. start playback
  6. repeat of the step 1 doesn’t sound even when the step 2 is silent


bug is reproducible always

Found in

OG Play

  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Build: 1297

Play Plus

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Build: 1405

Maybe related to this
A step with Repeat won’t apply Chance. I hope it will be fixed one day…

I don’t have a Play any more, however I seem to recall that you can work around this by creating the step with repeats on another row and copy/paste it to the row with the chance steps.

Hi, are you talking about the bug you’ve reported? I can’t see how your workaround could help in the case I’ve described.

Can confirm: workaround above does not work.

The same issue on the Synths/MIDI side.

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