Adding repeat to a step prevents chance from being evaluated on same row

Bug Description

On a single row in the sequencer, if you have one or more steps containing a chance condition, the chance condition will stop being evaluated if you add repeat to one or more existing steps on the same row.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create a pattern on a single row where a few of the steps have a chance condition (i.e. Play 1 | Skip 1 / Play Step)
  2. Add repeats to an existing step. Doesn’t matter whether or not that step has a chance condition
  3. The chance condition will stop applying as soon as Repeat is applied and the steps will play always.

Note: if you create a new step with repeat on it, or paste a step with repeat from another row it doesn’t appear to trigger the bug.


bug is reproducible nearly always. Sometimes can’t be reproduced on a very sparse pattern. Happens on both audio and MIDI tracks.

Found in

  • Version: (1.2.0)
  • Build: (849)

This issue has been observed in previous firmwares too.

I did consider the possibility that this is related to the following bug, but didn’t want to assume it was and hijack the other thread:

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@suboscillator Thank you for reporting this, and sorry you’re experiencing the problem! We will try to fix this in the upcoming updates.