Micromove prevents Play X | Skip X

Bug Description

When using Micro Move on a step with Play 1| Skip 1 it will ignore the Play 1 | Skip 1.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Place a sample on any step (I did 4 on the floor kick)
  2. Apply Play 1 / Skip 1 chance for Play Sample
  3. Adjust micro move on sample by any value other than 0 and the sample will Play repeatedly
  • Note that if Skip 1 / Play 1 is selected it will exclusively skip the sample
  • Also note, if a longer variation like Play 4 | Skip 4 is used and you change Micromove while it is skipping it will continue to skip indefinitely


Bug is reproducible: Always


  • Restarted Play, made a new pattern, made a new project, used different samples

Tested and Found in

  • Version: (1.2.0)
  • Version: (1.1.0)
  • Version: (1.0.0)

@liminaleris thank you for reporting this and sorry you’re experiencing the problem! We will try to fix this in the upcoming updates.

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