Micromove prevents Play X | Skip X

Bug Description

When using Micro Move on a step with Play 1| Skip 1 it will ignore the Play 1 | Skip 1.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Place a sample on any step (I did 4 on the floor kick)
  2. Apply Play 1 / Skip 1 chance for Play Sample
  3. Adjust micro move on sample by any value other than 0 and the sample will Play repeatedly
  • Note that if Skip 1 / Play 1 is selected it will exclusively skip the sample
  • Also note, if a longer variation like Play 4 | Skip 4 is used and you change Micromove while it is skipping it will continue to skip indefinitely


Bug is reproducible: Always


  • Restarted Play, made a new pattern, made a new project, used different samples

Tested and Found in

  • Version: (1.2.0)
  • Version: (1.1.0)
  • Version: (1.0.0)

@liminaleris thank you for reporting this and sorry you’re experiencing the problem! We will try to fix this in the upcoming updates.

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This is still an active issue as of version 1.4.1 and prevents built in fill patterns from functioning as intended and doesn’t allow for more off grid groove with chance.

Seconds after writing the reply the same pattern I had issues with worked so this may have been pebkac :sweat_smile: I will investigate further

I think I’m finding a variation of this. I believe micromove prevents all Play X | Skip X. I can’t get any skips.