Stazma: some videos of other gears where I use the Tracker

Hey there folks!
Most of you probably know me already for the samples inside the Tracker and a few videos I did about it, but as I use it also I a lot of other videos about other gears I guessed it could be cool to compile these for you here.

So here are a few recent ones:


Woop how are you all doing?
Here is some pretty noisy thing with the Tracker in my new video about the Bastl Bestie :wink:


Hey there everyone! Here is a new video where I’ve been using the Tracker a lot. This one is about that very old and forgoten 80s technological wonder that is the Roland CMU-800!
I re-used a bit of the history clip Alex Ball made for me for my video on the CMU-810 that you can see on the first post :wink:


Jam only version of my Tracker + Roland CMU-800 session!


Amazing videos too. Short, to the point, demonstrative and instructive.


Hey there crew! Here is another video about a great Eurorack module, the 810 Mk2 by System80, where I used the Tracker quite a bit. Have fun!

Some wild Tracker actions in there :wink:

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